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20 minute run…

Well today I have to say was a great day! I got to the gym, and was planning to run, do my leg lifts and swim 10 laps. I got on the treadmill and put in 20 minutes figuring I would just run until it said cool down. I have been struggling lately with 1 mile runs, like to the point where I feel like I have ran 2 miles and I look and I am only at .67 miles. Anyways I ran and by the time I was about to check to see what the time was at, it said cool down. 

20 minutes, not stop, 6.5 for speed and 2.16 miles. 

I then got in a good leg lifts, will probably have sore legs tomorrow. Then I got in 10 swim laps to cool down. Followed by a nice relaxing sit down in the steam room.

I was glad to run the 2 miles non stop, and when I was running I thought i was only at a mile, so I am pretty sure I could have gone another mile which would have been great….Next Time!


1000 Yards….SWIM

Well, last night I wrote this all out and when I went on the BB website today, it was missing. I’ll have to re-write it.

Yesterday I went to the gym to do some running and swimming. I went upstairs and ran a mile. I feel I am struggling a little bit on the runs, I haven’t ran more than 1 mile since the first time a few weeks back. I think I will try to run 2 miles today when I go.

However I was proud of my swimming. I swam 500 yards (10 laps) without stopping. I think my times was 10-12 minutes, so I will need to work to improve that since I did use the wall to kick off of. Right after I did the 500 yards I did another 500 yards of different strokes. I did some kicks only, backwards swimming, arm only with no kick and a few others. So in total I got in 1000 yards swimming which is good since I think out of the 3 events (biking, running, swimming), swimming would be my weakest link.

I think when I go today I will try and get in a 2 mile run, my leg lifts and some more swimming!


30 Day Challenge….COMPLETE!

So, I had a personal goal to go 30 days into 2013 without any alcohol. The first few weeks it was no problem, didn’t have an urge to go out. Plus nothing was really going on in January so I figured it would be a good month to do this. February will be very busy so I will probably make up for it in Feb what I didn’t drink in Jan. 

Towards the end of them month I was tempted. There was the RAGBRAI announcement party, NFL playoffs and the few invites to hit up the bars downtown. Oh and I would like to point out I am NOT an alcoholic! I didn’t do this challenge because I drink to much, I just did it for a challenge. I am not the type that goes home and has a drink or 2 every night, I don’t have beer when I am doing yard work or things like that. Sounds bad but when I drink there is a purpose to have fun and most likely dance. That’s what BAD BOBBY does the best!

It was a great 30 day challenge, not that I am going to go drink a lot tonight to make up for it. There is the first Book Pub get together tonight, so will most likely have one or 2


Hawaiian Chicken, Rice and Bread….Oh and some Pineapples!

Hawaiian Chicken, Rice and Bread....Oh and some Pineapples!

Melissa and I made an agreement, I would cook more and she would use her gym membership more. I came up with this idea…

If Melissa went to the gym 2 times I would cook one meal the following week. If she went 4 times I would cook 2 meals, 6 times I would cook 3 meals, and if she went a full 7 days I would cook 4 meals.

This is meal 1:
Chicken marinated in Hawaiian sauce, original black bean rice, cheese french bread and some pineapples. It was a hit, everything tasted good and nothing was burnt. It was also nice I had it all ready before Melissa got home so we could eat right when she got here to enjoy the rest of the nice.



Well this morning I failed to get up for the gym, just like I probably will tomorrow. BUT I will be able to blame tomorrow on shoveling snow, if we get it…I HOPE WE DON’T…

I went to the gym after work today to do some RLBS (Run, Lift, Bike, Swim). I ran 1 mile to warm up. I went down and did my arms (biceps or triceps) lifting in. Then luckily I had my biking sandals with me and joined in the cycling class. The lady tonight did a great job of kicking my ass. Then afterwards I went to swim…POOL was FULL. SO it put a damper on my RLBS, but there are plenty of more training days to get that in. 

All I can say is I am ready for Saturday (weather permitting) my first Bicycle ride of the year!!!


Another Week…

This morning wasn’t a struggle as it has been to get up for my 5 am workouts. Murphy woke me up at 3:30 to feed him, so that wasn’t fun. It got me thinking…I wish time at work would fly as fast as when I am sleeping. I had an alarm set for 4:00 am and then I snooze till 4:40 am. Well I hit the off button at 4, and then closed my eyes and damn it felt like 5 seconds went by and it was 4:40 already. 

I got in a mile run after doing 20 minutes on the elliptical. I felt a struggle just running the one mile, maybe it was after doing the elliptical that made me more tired? Either way maybe that’s what I need to do. Ride the bike, do the elliptical or swim and then run to get used to doing different exercise before I run. Since when the Triathlon comes I have to do hopefully shorter than 20 minute swim, about 45 minutes biking before I run the 3.2 miles.

Monday weigh in, went from 197 to 197, so at-least it didn’t go up!!




Today at the gym, while I was working out I have realized I am about done with one Resolution I set this year. I decided to do a 30-day No Alcohol challenge. I have no real reason, just one of the many goals I have for the year.

1. 30-day challenge of No Alcohol
2. No Sweets, Cakes, Cookies, Candy (with the exception of Ice Cream or FroYo) for a year. Also the Ice Cream and FroYo have to be plain or with fruit, no candy toppings.
3. The usual of working out, counting calories and getting down to 170 lbs (by June 1st)
4. I signed up for my first Triathlon on June 2nd, hence the losing the weight by June 1st.
5. I wanted to start reading more, so I started a Book Pub. The group will read once book per month and meet at a local bar or Pub to talk about it. I have finished my first book for the group, 11 more books for the year to go. (Plus others I might start reading for fun)

Today’s workout went well and the weather almost kept me from going. I made it there, ran a mile, got in my Shoulders/Back lifts and swam 500-600 yards. Overall a good time!



Council Bluffs



Des Moines




Fort Madison



Prison Break

Prison Break

I have finished Prison Break for a second time now. I still think it was a great series. I wish they could have extended it to a few more seasons. It was one of those shows that would keep you guessing and would make you want to watch the next episode. Then you could figure out what was going to happen next. As the first season came to an end and escaping the prison, I figured season 2 would be about them trying to be caught and captured again. Then they throw in this whole thing about The Company, a group of powerful people who will do whatever it takes in their power to basically do whatever it is they want. The show would continually keep me guessing after each show. I don’t want to say too much as if you haven’t seen it yet then I don’t want to ruin anything. I overall will rank this show in the top 5 I have seen (1.Friends, 2. 24, 3. Prison Break, 4. Lost and 5. The Real World/Road Rules Challenges.

I highly recommend if you haven’t seen Prison Break, or any of the top 5 shows listed above you should watch them.


The Shack by; WIlliam P. Young **Spoilers**

The Shack by; WIlliam P. Young **Spoilers**

One of my New Year’s Resolutions (besides from the usual, workout, lose weight, eat right, blah blah blah) I wanted to read more. I started a book club…aka Book Pub, where we will read a book each month and meet at a local Bar, Tavern, PUB, etc. and discuss the book with a drink or 2. To start off the month of January we had a vote on 5 different books and the book we are reading this month is called:
The Shack, By William P. Young.
After reading the back of the book and learning it was about this guy Mack, whose little daughter, Missy, gets kidnapped and murdered that this book was going to be a murder mystery of them finding the killer. Then they would bring justice to him and closure to the family. I was way off. This book was more on the religious side. Mack, after a while gets a letter in the Mailbox from “Papa” who his wife Nan refers to as God, to meet Him at the Shack.
This is when Mack decided to go to the Shack to find out what the letter was all about, was it the killer luring him on a trick, was it some cruel joke or was it actually God sending him a message to meet him there. It ended up being God and Jesus and the Holy Spirit there in human form (not what Mack thought they’d look like) but looked like real people. Mack always thought God was a man with a long white beard and older looking and God ended up looking like a Southern African-American women.
Through his journey with this “trip” was a time for him to get over and move on from The Great Sadness (or that is what he called the murder of his daughter Missy). He spent the weekend with them asking questions, answering questions, crying, being angry and got to the point where he could forgive the man that murdered his daughter. It took a lot of time and effort but after all was said and done he felt a great weight being lifted off his shoulders. He also realized on this trip that his other daughter Kate blamed herself for the murder. She was with her brother and flipped a canoe over and during that time, while Mack was swimming out to help them, Missy was taken. Kate thought her mom and dad were mad at her for causing the canoe accident which lead to her sister being taken. Mack never thought that was the reason she was acting so depressed. So during the long weekend at The Shack, he was able to forgive himself, ask for forgiveness for him and his family, and able to forgive the guy who murdered his daughter.
On his way back home he was in a car accident, come to find out he was only gone not even a full day. He shared his story with his wife, and talked to Kate about not blaming herself. In this past “weekend” God lead him down a path and found his daughter for him to bury. So in the end he went back to that town where she was murdered, found the Sheriff who helped with the investigation. He told him his story and together he helped show them where Missy might be. They were able to locate her, and bring closure to their family.
This was an odd book for me, as I am not a big into religion as others might be. I have my beliefs and we’ll leave it at that. However it was a good read and brought some different perspectives to my own life. I guess if I would have gone into reading this book knowing it was not a murder mystery like I thought it was I might not have read it. I am glad I did though and would give it 3.75/4 out of 5 on my rating scale. Our group meets next week to talk and discuss the book, and also pick the new book. If you are interested in joining the Book Pub, look it up on Facebook, and “Like” it.

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