The Dream…

So last night after waking up at 2:30 AM to left Murphy out, I fell back asleep to get ready for the cycling class in the morning. I had the worse dream a trainer for a Triathlon could ask for…

It was the day of the Tri and I was NOT prepared. I had not wet suit, in face I didn’t even have a cycling jersey or my cycling sandals. I was up next in the group to swim, and realized I never aired my tired up on my bike. So i quickly ran to do that and popped BOTH tubes and had only one spare. I got thing changed fast, and stole one out of another persons bag (I was desperate I guess). Then I was getting ready to run back to my swimming start line and realized my shoes were the wrong shoes, some how in my shoe box my new Nike’s were gone and my dress shoes were in there. I was in a panic and tried to call Melissa to get my shoes, but no answer. I then kept hearing my name to go swim, and has I ran over there I dropped my new goggles and stepped on them and broke them. All of a sudden I woke up and was in a deep sweat and felt sick, luckily it took me 2 seconds to realize it was a dream and that I still got 140 days to prepare and train…

Well, went to the gym this AM and did my Chest workouts and got them in quickly and intensely so I could make the cycling class (55 minutes long) at 7:30 AM. Today was an instructor I never had, but she pushed the class to work harder than I ever have in there, felt great! She now ranks as a top instructor in my book. 

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