Last Night….This AM

Yesterday, I went back to the gym, wanted to get some more swimming in during the week. I think adding it to my schedule a few nights a week will help me get better and faster. Yesterday, when I went back to swim, I did a heck of a lot better at it then last week. I have come to the conclusion that last time, I felt sick and maybe I ate too much pasta right before hand. Either way I did better at it this time. I do like the goggle my friend suggested, they don’t fog up, or leak and fit like a glove. 

This morning, the plan was to run again…but thought with my foot pain to just warm up on the elliptical before I did my arm lifts. The arm lifts went good, increased the weight on a few of the exercise. 

Last Monday was the official start of my training since I was sick the first week of Jan. I weighed in at 200 pounds. Back in Jan-2011 I was 229 lbs, and back in Jan-2012 I was 210 lbs, (the crappy part is I got down to 10 lbs in July of 2012, so I know I can shed that off fast.  Every Monday I weigh in weekly to see if I have gone up or down from the previous week. I was 200…again, but I did have a pot luck and went out to dinner a few times, so at least it didn’t go up! Much more work will need to be done this week, just to lose a few pounds to get the weight loss ball rolling. 

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