Triple Work Out?!?

Well, the good news is I got into the gym this morning, bad news is the gym is closed all day tomorrow so they can get ready for their re-grand opening. So I will miss my 45 minutes cycling class. It’s supposed to be a high of 46 degrees tomorrow, so maybe I can get in an outdoors bike ride after work. 

This morning I got in 45 minutes on the Elliptical, which is what I normally do on regular cardio days, but since the gym is closed on Friday, I didn’t stop there. I got off and went right over to the treadmill to run a quick mile (8:36) it was more of a struggle. I think after doing 45 minutes of cardio my running speed dropped down. I will need to work on that since before I run in the TRI I have to swim and bike. After the run I went and did my leg routine, skipped once machine since it was full every time I went to it. Ended with a nice sweat in the sauna. 

Since the GYM is closed tomorrow, it will suck to throw off my routine, BUT luckily since I work part-time at the YMCA I can always go down there to get in some cardio, or do a bike ride outside, so even thought the gym is closed I will still have options. 

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