Sick of being Sick

Well this weekend has been crappy. Friday I woke up sick, like I had a sore throat, but just figured it was maybe just a dry night and that made it a little sore. Friday the gym was closed for preparation of the re-grand opening. But after I went to work around 7, by the time noon hit I was feeling worse and decided to go home. (Should have went to the Doctor at that time) 

That night I just watched TV, played some Monopoly and went to be at 7 pm. I work up uncomfortable every 2-3 hours, which made it not a very good night to get some rest. I went to the Doctor Sat morning and found out (what I already knew) that I had Strep Throat. Missed out on the 90 minute cycling class Sat morning at the gym, but did get a photo from my dad of all new bikes. 

All day just laid down and watched TV. Melissa told me about this Detox bath, figured maybe I could get the toxins out. You add Epson Salt, Baking Soda, and Ground Ginger…the problem was you have to lay in it for 40 minutes and it make you sweat. Well I was not sweating and got out a 30 minutes and went to bed thinking the sweat thing didn’t work. That’s until Melissa woke me up at around 11ish and I was in a puddle of sweat, so I guess it did work. 

Anyways, hopefully back to the gym tomorrow to get back on tract. This weekend workout withdraw sucks but since I didn’t feel good I didn’t eat much so maybe it evened out for my calorie burn and intake. 


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