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The Shack by; WIlliam P. Young **Spoilers**

The Shack by; WIlliam P. Young **Spoilers**

One of my New Year’s Resolutions (besides from the usual, workout, lose weight, eat right, blah blah blah) I wanted to read more. I started a book club…aka Book Pub, where we will read a book each month and meet at a local Bar, Tavern, PUB, etc. and discuss the book with a drink or 2. To start off the month of January we had a vote on 5 different books and the book we are reading this month is called:
The Shack, By William P. Young.
After reading the back of the book and learning it was about this guy Mack, whose little daughter, Missy, gets kidnapped and murdered that this book was going to be a murder mystery of them finding the killer. Then they would bring justice to him and closure to the family. I was way off. This book was more on the religious side. Mack, after a while gets a letter in the Mailbox from “Papa” who his wife Nan refers to as God, to meet Him at the Shack.
This is when Mack decided to go to the Shack to find out what the letter was all about, was it the killer luring him on a trick, was it some cruel joke or was it actually God sending him a message to meet him there. It ended up being God and Jesus and the Holy Spirit there in human form (not what Mack thought they’d look like) but looked like real people. Mack always thought God was a man with a long white beard and older looking and God ended up looking like a Southern African-American women.
Through his journey with this “trip” was a time for him to get over and move on from The Great Sadness (or that is what he called the murder of his daughter Missy). He spent the weekend with them asking questions, answering questions, crying, being angry and got to the point where he could forgive the man that murdered his daughter. It took a lot of time and effort but after all was said and done he felt a great weight being lifted off his shoulders. He also realized on this trip that his other daughter Kate blamed herself for the murder. She was with her brother and flipped a canoe over and during that time, while Mack was swimming out to help them, Missy was taken. Kate thought her mom and dad were mad at her for causing the canoe accident which lead to her sister being taken. Mack never thought that was the reason she was acting so depressed. So during the long weekend at The Shack, he was able to forgive himself, ask for forgiveness for him and his family, and able to forgive the guy who murdered his daughter.
On his way back home he was in a car accident, come to find out he was only gone not even a full day. He shared his story with his wife, and talked to Kate about not blaming herself. In this past “weekend” God lead him down a path and found his daughter for him to bury. So in the end he went back to that town where she was murdered, found the Sheriff who helped with the investigation. He told him his story and together he helped show them where Missy might be. They were able to locate her, and bring closure to their family.
This was an odd book for me, as I am not a big into religion as others might be. I have my beliefs and we’ll leave it at that. However it was a good read and brought some different perspectives to my own life. I guess if I would have gone into reading this book knowing it was not a murder mystery like I thought it was I might not have read it. I am glad I did though and would give it 3.75/4 out of 5 on my rating scale. Our group meets next week to talk and discuss the book, and also pick the new book. If you are interested in joining the Book Pub, look it up on Facebook, and “Like” it.


Cycling….plus a 1 Mile run

Got up early this morning to make it to Cycling Class. Since they got new bikes, I got there early to reserve one and then ran upstairs for a quick 1 mile run to warm up. I got down to the cycling room 10 minutes early to figure out the new bike. I needed to adjust it to fit me. After the class started the seat felt like it was slanted down and it felt like I was sliding. I didn’t take the time to get off and see what the problem was I just finished the class. I was talking to a guy afterwards and he said it shouldn’t be like that. Next time I will try a different new bike. 

The class overall was great, I love it when we do sprints more than climbing, we got in some good interval sprints. It was a full class not one empty bike, so I was glad I got there early as I saw people leave when they noticed it was full. 

Tomorrow there is another Cycling Class (55 mins instead of 45 mins) I think I might run a mile or 2 before the class, and then do the cycling class, and then go swim to get in a mini backwards Tri training. 

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