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20 minute run…

Well today I have to say was a great day! I got to the gym, and was planning to run, do my leg lifts and swim 10 laps. I got on the treadmill and put in 20 minutes figuring I would just run until it said cool down. I have been struggling lately with 1 mile runs, like to the point where I feel like I have ran 2 miles and I look and I am only at .67 miles. Anyways I ran and by the time I was about to check to see what the time was at, it said cool down. 

20 minutes, not stop, 6.5 for speed and 2.16 miles. 

I then got in a good leg lifts, will probably have sore legs tomorrow. Then I got in 10 swim laps to cool down. Followed by a nice relaxing sit down in the steam room.

I was glad to run the 2 miles non stop, and when I was running I thought i was only at a mile, so I am pretty sure I could have gone another mile which would have been great….Next Time!


1000 Yards….SWIM

Well, last night I wrote this all out and when I went on the BB website today, it was missing. I’ll have to re-write it.

Yesterday I went to the gym to do some running and swimming. I went upstairs and ran a mile. I feel I am struggling a little bit on the runs, I haven’t ran more than 1 mile since the first time a few weeks back. I think I will try to run 2 miles today when I go.

However I was proud of my swimming. I swam 500 yards (10 laps) without stopping. I think my times was 10-12 minutes, so I will need to work to improve that since I did use the wall to kick off of. Right after I did the 500 yards I did another 500 yards of different strokes. I did some kicks only, backwards swimming, arm only with no kick and a few others. So in total I got in 1000 yards swimming which is good since I think out of the 3 events (biking, running, swimming), swimming would be my weakest link.

I think when I go today I will try and get in a 2 mile run, my leg lifts and some more swimming!


30 Day Challenge….COMPLETE!

So, I had a personal goal to go 30 days into 2013 without any alcohol. The first few weeks it was no problem, didn’t have an urge to go out. Plus nothing was really going on in January so I figured it would be a good month to do this. February will be very busy so I will probably make up for it in Feb what I didn’t drink in Jan. 

Towards the end of them month I was tempted. There was the RAGBRAI announcement party, NFL playoffs and the few invites to hit up the bars downtown. Oh and I would like to point out I am NOT an alcoholic! I didn’t do this challenge because I drink to much, I just did it for a challenge. I am not the type that goes home and has a drink or 2 every night, I don’t have beer when I am doing yard work or things like that. Sounds bad but when I drink there is a purpose to have fun and most likely dance. That’s what BAD BOBBY does the best!

It was a great 30 day challenge, not that I am going to go drink a lot tonight to make up for it. There is the first Book Pub get together tonight, so will most likely have one or 2

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