30 Day Challenge….COMPLETE!

So, I had a personal goal to go 30 days into 2013 without any alcohol. The first few weeks it was no problem, didn’t have an urge to go out. Plus nothing was really going on in January so I figured it would be a good month to do this. February will be very busy so I will probably make up for it in Feb what I didn’t drink in Jan. 

Towards the end of them month I was tempted. There was the RAGBRAI announcement party, NFL playoffs and the few invites to hit up the bars downtown. Oh and I would like to point out I am NOT an alcoholic! I didn’t do this challenge because I drink to much, I just did it for a challenge. I am not the type that goes home and has a drink or 2 every night, I don’t have beer when I am doing yard work or things like that. Sounds bad but when I drink there is a purpose to have fun and most likely dance. That’s what BAD BOBBY does the best!

It was a great 30 day challenge, not that I am going to go drink a lot tonight to make up for it. There is the first Book Pub get together tonight, so will most likely have one or 2

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