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Backwards Triathlon!

Today I decided to try and do a full Triathlon, even though it was backwards. Run–Bike–Swim

No, I didn’t run backwards or anything crazy like that, but I just did the opposite of the Pigman Triathlon I am doing.I started upstairs on the Treadmill I ran straight for 2 miles (about 17-18 minutes) with a fast pace walk to cool down to get in 30 minutes on the treadmill. After that was over I went straight to the cycling room, switched shoes and jumped on the bike. I did a 5-10 minute warm up then followed that by a very INTENSE cycling class. We had a new girl and she kicked our ass! Then I went straight to the pool to jump in and swim 10 (500 yards) non stop swim. I finished that in about 11:29 and it might be an OK time, but hoping to get it faster by June 2nd…

All I can say is I am EXHAUSTED!!!


The Trio Workout

So, I have been slacking on going to the gym in the AM’s. Most of the time I figure i can go do 45 minutes of cardio then in the evening go back to run some, lift or swim. Well I figured some days I can just go in the after work time and still do 45 minutes of cardio and then do my lift, or run or swim. 

Last night I got to the gym, it was busier than I have seen at 4:30 on weeknights. I decided before everyone got their I would get in my arm lifts. Spent a half hour of intense arm lifts and then went straight up stairs for a mile run. I was going to do two miles, which I probably cam close to, but the first treadmill I got on kept skipping as I was running. It about knocked me off a few times. So after 5 minutes or less I jumped off and got on the next open machine and got in a quick mile. Had to be quick I had a cycling class to get ready for. I went to the cycling room, to get my legs warm with a 10 minute warm up. Then followed that by some intense climbing and sprints for 45 minutes. I was exhausted at the end of it, perfect timing to go sit in the sauna and sweat some more toxins out. 

Tonight, hopefully, I will attempt a backwards Triathlon. I am going to get to the gym to run 2 miles before I do the 45 minute cycling class and follow that by swimming 10 laps. I think I can get it done!

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