Sunday…Fun Day?….Sort of

I woke up this morning, and after watching some TV with the wife headed to the gym to make sure I got my Sunday workout in. I ran a quick 2 miles and then lifted my shoulder and back. It was a pretty intense workout, but had to cut it short. I was planning to swim afterwards but the lanes were full and I had to get into work. Yes…Work…on a Sunday. You might think it sucks, but I guess I should mention I am taking youth to a Iowa Hawkeyes Wrestling Meet. 

Another topic I am pondering… This weekend I had a dream, I won’t mention details as it could be a spoiler, but basically I got the idea of a story line for a book I might just write. It sounded like a fun and mystery fictional book. So that got me curious and I looked up some websites on the basics of writing a book, steps to take and etc… I also found a book for FREE on Kindle that has a guide to writing a book. So I think I might try and write a book, mainly to have family and friends read, but then maybe publish it if it turns out to be any good. I don’t have the strongest writing ability, but with proofreaders and guides I think i’ll manage. Plus one thing I do got is a very creative mind and wild imagination!

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