Down 6…24 to go

So Yesterday was my weekly Monday weigh in. I didn’t make it to the gym in the morning so I went after work. I spent about an hour to burn an even 1000 calories on the Elliptical. I then went in sat in the sauna to sweat some. After my shower I weighed in and was down to 194. That is 4 lbs from my last weigh it the week before. It’s good to see the number dropping again, as in the first month it stay around 197-198 and didn’t move much.  I got another 24 pounds to go by June 1st to be at the 170 range. I feel if I can get to 170 before the Triathlon I will be in good shape. Last July I was 180 lbs, so I feel I should be able to get to 170. The tricky part is getting under 180. 180’s is my struggle weight where I can’t seem to go down any more. THIS WILL BE THE YEAR!

This morning I made it to the gym, well forced myself to the gym since I can’t go tonight due to a birthday dinner. I got in a quick mile run and lifted the biceps and triceps. It was a good work out. Tomorrow I am going to try and do another backwards TRI at the gym, since I will be doing the cycling class. Also since I haven’t swam in a few days

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