Damn Set back!

So, typical morning, head to my morning job at the YMCA Day Care, do some activities in the gym playing basketball. I was having fun, everything was going good and then I went jumped up and when I landed…Crack Boom Bam! My right knee locked up and and sent intense pain to the brain and when I went to move it my right ankle twisted left and right. I fell to the ground and sat there for a few seconds. Got up and limped to a chair. I figured it was just sore and would need to ice it for a bit. After about an hour the pain was still there so I went to the Doctor. After 3 hours and X-Rays I got the good and the bad new. GOOD news is there were no fractures, the bad news it I twisted it pretty good and need to stay off of it for a week. Gave me an ankle strap, knee brace and crutches. I am not a fan of being told I can’t go to the gym, or walk, or run, or BIKE, or even DRIVE! This will be a tough week as I had stuff planned, and not being able to drive effects my work as well. Hopefully I can get this back in good shape soon…I have a damn Triathlon to train for and Weight to Lose!!!

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