Picking Up Strangers, by: Bob Morgan (Spoiler)

As some of you may know I started a book club…or BOOK PUB back towards the end of December. One of my many New Years Resolutions was to read more. The plan is to select a book to read each month and at the last Thursday of the month we can get together and discus the book at a different bar, tavern, or Pub! Last month we read The Shack (if you go back on my calendar to the last Thursday of January so can read that summary). This month we have selected a book called Picking Up Strangers, by: Bob Morgan. Below you will find my review on this book. SO IF YOU HAVEN’T READ IT YET…AND PLAN TO READ IT PLEASE STOP HERE AND COME BACK AFTER YOU HAVE READ IT.

picking up strangers

This was a book I was more interested in that the first Book Pub book. It involved one of the things I love to do and that’s Biking. This was about a guy, Camp Preston, who planned a summer bike trip from Cali to Cape Cod. Most of the time he was alone for miles on ends and even days without seeing human life. That was until he stopped at a Coffee Shop in Nebraska. It was a little town called Sageville. In the coffee shop, a beautiful woman stopped to talk to him about his bike, his trip and other random questions. She was fascinated that he was biking such a long distance. Clara Scott was her name, a typical farm girl who had her life drawn out for her, where she would go to college, her job and where she would work. She wasn’t a huge fan of it, but that all changed when her parents died of Carbon Monoxide poisoning 4 months prior.

She decided that that she needed an adventure and after inviting Camp to stay at her place after the next day she decided to join him on his adventure. She was also an avid bike rider, but never rode across the country before, plus she kind of had a thing for Camp. She left her job without any reason, and hit the road on the long adventure. Her “boyfriend” or so he called him self, Darren Sykes, thought she was taken against her will. He was a overweight computer geek and hacked into her hard drive and email accounts to locate her. This begun his chase to find her.

After days of biking across Iowa, which part of that was through RAGBRAI. (Registers Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa, something I participate in every year). The first night of RAGBRAI Camp finally made his move on Clara, which she wondered why it took her so long, but in the end she was amazed by his performance in bed and they basically did that every night after that.

In the last chapter, Darren finally catches up with them in Independence, IA. He stole his fathers gun, and was going to intimidate Clara and Camp to get Clara to go back to Sageville with him. He threaten to shoot Camp if she wouldn’t go….AND he also found out while searching her hard drive, the she had a play in her parents death. I guess Clara wanted to get out of her crummy life and killed her parents for her inheritance of 4 million dollars. She wasn’t sure how Darren found out, and tried to play it off like she didn’t do it but ended up going with Darren. Darren told her he would tell the cops if she married him and then in December they could get a divorce and split her inheritance and go their separate way. Camp called the cops but after they caught up to Darren and Clara they told the cops there was no gun and that Darren was helping Clara. This made the cops investigate Camp, who still agreed to disagree with the cops that there was a gun. The officers told him the FBI was coming to talk to him, Camp asked if he could go get lunch. The officer let him and as he left he never turned back. He continued his ride East.  THE END

Now, this is where I was a little bummed. It kind of ended with no explanation on what actually happened with Darren and Clara, did the cops ever track down Camp to question him more or even if Clara and Camp ever met up again? I was hoping for a better ending, but the overall book I’d give a 4 our of 5. Mainly because it involved biking, RAGBRAI and mystery. It could have been a 5 out of 5 with a better ending and if the book wasn’t 9 LONG chapters and broke it down to like 18-25 smaller chapters. All in all it was a fast and easy read. I enjoyed it and can’t wait to pick the next book. If you have any good suggestions on a book please leave a comment below!

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