Back to the GYM…The Bad…but also the Good!


So after the week off due to a knee/ankle injury I finally got the OK to get back to the gym. I walked (a fast pace) on the treadmill for about 17 minutes, then jumped on the recumbent bike for 10 minutes and then swam for another 10 minutes. The walk was good, I felt maybe I could run, but keeping it slow and will gradually get back into running 1-2-3 or more miles. The bike was good too, I think sometime this week I want to take my bike shoes and go in the cycling room when there isn’t a class to see how those bikes feel on the knee. The swim, although it didn’t hurt except for a minor pain in the ankle and knee every once in a while, sucked. I guess the week off hurt my swimming time, I only did 250 yards instead of 500-1000 yards. I feel I will need to step up my Cardio activity to help build endurance and not be out of breath quickly.  So that’s the Bad, but the Good is even though I was out a week with no exercising  and probably eating more than I should admit, I stayed the same at 198 pounds. So at least that was a boost in my motivation to keep going!

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