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The First Run…(well since the injury that in)

Today I went to the gym, got on the Elliptical to do 60 minutes. After that exhausting hour I went to the treadmill to do 20-30 minutes. After about 2-3 minutes I bumped the speed from 3.5 to 6.0 to see if I could run. Well that only lasted about 1-2 minutes. It didn’t feel to great on the knee, maybe I’ll need to wear my knee brace for support to ease the pain when I run. Let’s just say I did a fast pace walk for 18 minutes. I headed down to the locker room to swim. On the way down I was feeling exhausted and wanted to just go home. Anyways I fought the urge and jumped in the pool. I did 10 laps to time myself for the swimming part of the triathlon. I got done in 10:56, I would need to look back at my posts but I think that is my fastest time yet. I was kind of proud of it, but it could have been faster as I hesitated at times, changed up my strokes, and took a few to many breaths. I have the day off tomorrow, long all day (4:00 am-10:30 pm) trip to Chicago. Maybe when I get home I will jump on the bike trainer for at-least 10-20 minutes. 


The 99 Percentile

I think I am about healthy again to get back into full swing (starting Monday). I went to the gym yesterday and did an hour on the Elliptical. No problems, and on Monday when I walked on the treadmill at a fast pace I felt I could run. Starting Monday I will have exactly 13 weeks and 91 days until the Triathlon. It’s time to step up the training, with more miles running, swimming and biking while also hitting the weights hard. I found a 4-day lifting program that I modified for myself last year, that I am going to do the full extent for the next 10 weeks. Hopefully that will help me surpass my goals. Also I use the Lose It App on my phone to keep track of the calories I take in and burn. They have groups you can join for motivation and also challenge to be apart of. I was invited on there to join the March Madness Triathlon Training. I logged my minutes on my App for Running, Biking, and Swimming. It should automatically add to the challenge  It will just be another motivation to maybe rank in the top 5 within all these other Triathlon Athletes. I got more Physical Therapy today and Monday, and my last doctor visit on Tuesday. I think I am ready to go full force, I can bend my knee further with little to no pain. 

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