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Walking the Dog

Today I decided to take my Basset/Beagle, Murphy, for a walk. I learned a few things on this route, made it an interesting adventure.

  1. When walking down a hill in the snow, remember when jumping from snow on a hill to the clear sidewalk that you are still on snow. However I did not and went to jump while my legs went out from underneath me and I fell on my back. Jumped up quickly too avoid sliding into the mud pile and also to save the embarrassment from the 3 workers at the baseball stadium that witnessed it.
  2. Murphy does not know the difference between a real deer and a fake deer. He snuck up on the fake deer starring at it and looking at me confused. As he got closer I yelled .RAWRRR and he jumped out of his skin and took off behind me. (wish I would have gotten that on tape)
  3. On a warmer day, with all the snow melting, be prepared that the entire walk will be muddy, wet and painful to watch your dog who just recently got a bath go from being Black/Brown/White to just Brown and White. (Murphy will be getting a bath tonight)
  4. On my walk I went through the cemetery to take Murphy by my Grandparents or his Great-Grandparents. I introduced him and on the walk out I noticed the big sign of rules that said NO PETS. Ooops, but FYI I was respectful and only walked him on the paths, didn’t let me go potty anywhere and went through quickly.
  5. Never walk through a parking lot of a grocery store/gas station. To many smells and food trash laying around. It was like a mine field trying to maneuver him through without eating all the garbage.

It was an adventurous walk with the dog, below is the epic Fake Deer vs Murphy photo. dog walk

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