Friday Flashback!

So I have decided to do a Friday Flashback, and search through my photos and find a crazy or fun photo from past year and talk about it.

I have chose this photo.


This was from back on November 8th, 2008. This is the day of one of the greatest games when Iowa upset #3 Penn St. in football. We headed down early to get our tailgating on. I told my wife (or fiance at the time) that we are going to get tickets to this game, it will be a great game and I had a feeling we would win. Anyways, made the mistake of taking Mr. Beer Bong with me. I was getting carried away as usual and did 2-3 in a row. Then played some drinking games, and drinking more beer. I kept filling up the beer bong and asking who was next, when no one responded, I’d take another. The magic number that morning was 13 Beer Bongs. Needless to say I did not make it to the game. I passed out and the wife had to take me home. I went passed out in the bed and woke up with the final seconds of the game to see the Hawkeyes pull out the victory. If I wouldn’t have gotten carried away, or at-least left the Beer Bong at home I would have been at that game watching a great ending. You Live and You Learn!


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