Friday Flashback

Another Friday Flashback of BAD BOBBY. This picture if from July 29th 2011 on a night during RAGBRAI. We just got done riding a a long day on RAGBRAI. We got to the house we were camping at, got showered and headed down to the beer garden. We had some drinks like usual, I saw some friends of mine, there was a cool band with a light show and all…etc… Anyways we were leaving as the beer garden was shutting down around midnight. We were walking back to the camp site when we wanted ONE more DRINK. We found a place called Kelsey’s Cocktails and Cafe. This is where it went down hill. We went in to the restaurant that had a bar. We sat at a table an all ordered a Vodka Lemonade. There was another couple in there eating and I think we scared them off because they left. We we so hungry that we ate their uneaten food. Also the waitress brought us out a HUGE jar of pickles and we finished that too. Finally we went up to the bar to party with the staff. We even took the little boombox form the dishes staff out to the floor so we could dance. Finally we were making our own drinks and we were all just going behind the bar to make our own drinks. This was bar far my best experience on RAGBRAI. One lady took my empty glass for a refill, poured 7 ounces of vodka and then splashed in an ounce of lemonade…that was so…STRONG. I quickly drank some and grabbed the lemonade to fill it up to get rid of some of the vodka taste. This like I said was the best bar. 



After they finally had to shut down at 3:00 ish AM we heading back to the campsite…BUT the night wasn’t over yet. This is when we were all SOO gone and we were cutting through tents. My buddy saw a guys phone light in his tent and my friend jokingly said “I’m gonna pee on this tent” lol they guy inside was like “you better not!”. At that time we couldn’t find my brother. He finally came out from behind the guys tent after taking a crap…HAHA funniest thing ever! Finally we found a van that we thought might have beer, they said no…but I overheard they were doing a beer run. So we waited and chatted until the beer run got there, swiped a beer and headed back to the campsite. Basically slept for 2-3 hours and got up to ride 75 miles to Coralville. Fun Time, Great Experiences with Great Friends! This is why BAD BOBBY lives for and loves RAGBRAI!

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