Backwards Triathlon…Failed again…

So today despite getting home late and not getting a lot of sleep. I headed to the gym at 6:45 to get in my Backwards Triathlon (Run, Bike, Swim) that I haven’d done in a while. Well my plans failed again… First I was able to get a solid 2 mile run in, in about 16:50 for time. I then headed to the Cycling or Spinning as the gym calls it now room. This is when things went downhill. We had an instructor that I am not a fan of, we stand on the bikes more than we need to, she isn’t on rhythm with her song choices, she tries to be funny (I think) when she is counting down she will repeat numbers to make it longer, and just fun. (In My Opinion) The songs sometimes during the sprints are slow songs so no motivation there. Anyways I made it through the 55 minutes and was ready to swim. Well forgetful me forgot there is a class in the pool from 8:30-9:15 (which is right when my Spinning Class is over. Which means now tomorrow I need to do extra in the pool because that’s 3 days now that I have missed the pool. Will get in some Cardio tomorrow and then swim double time maybe do the .5k and then do .5k of easy stokes. 

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