Gone Girl: by Gillian Flynn


March is almost done and I have completed book 3 of 12. As some of you may know, I don’t read. I never been a huge fan of it, I mostly skimmed my way through books in High School and College. Now this year I wanted to start reading more. I started a fun book club called “Book Pub” where we read one book a month and discuss it over drinks at a local pub, bar, or drinking establishment.

This month we chose to read Gone Girl, by Gillian Flynn. (There will be spoilers below, so if you haven’t read the book please don’t read this.

When I first started reading the book I wasn’t hooked. The beginning was a little confusing at first and a little dry for me to get into. Once the main character, Amy, disappeared it got me hooked. The writing style of this book was every other chapter there it was either Amy talking or Nick talking. The first half of the book with Nick in present time and Amy’s section was her diary entries. In the beginning I was trying to figure out the answer to what happened to Amy and who was guilty. Every time I thought I had an answer a different twist came into play. Especially after the first half of the book was over to find out this entire story of the disappearance of Amy was all Amy’s plan to get back at her husband for cheating. This is when all my previous ideas I had were thrown out the window. Amy was a sick and devilish because of how long (a year) to plan this disappearance. This almost landed Nick in jail and most likely to be put on death row. That is until she saw Nick on the news, saying he wanted her to come home. Nick knew she planned this and wanted to kill her for real now, but more wanted her to go to prison for what she did. When she returned home she blamed the disappearance on being taken by a former boyfriend who raped her and kept her locked up until she was able to kill him. The old boyfriend, Desi, was innocent; it was just a way for Amy to get back home without getting caught. Nick was still trying to figure out a way to get her to slip up and to send her to jail. Finally she announced to him that she was pregnant ( I still am not sure if it was his child or not) but now he dropped his pursuit to put her in jail.

Then the book ended. I am not sure why but this book and the last book I read both ended without finding out what happened in the end. This book is still a mystery to me as I have no idea what would happen with Amy and Nick next. I guess it’s clever for the author to leave us hanging, but some closure would have been nice. We are meeting at Bad Bobby’s Bar on Thursday night to discuss it and I think it will be a great way to see what others think happened after the book was over.

Also at the meeting we will be picking out book number 4. My overall rating for this book would be…4.5 out of 5, the twists, turns, and excitement/mystery, is what I look for in a book and it held up. I first read bad reviews about this book and believe it’s because how it ended, but the overall book I will leave it at 4.5/5. 


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