Yesterday, I decided to get the bike off the trainer, or “coat rack” and take it our for a ride. It was chilly at 8 O’clock in the morning, but it was time to get some miles on the bike. Last year the weather was so nice at this time I think I had a few hundred miles in by the end of March. Yesterday I got in a good 27 miles bike ride. 4 of us took the trail north to find a restaurant to get breakfast. We had one in mind, but when we got there it was closed for Easter. We headed back south on the trail to find another place to eat. We found a breakfast buffet, I probably ate more than I should have (especially since I had to go to a Easter Lunch that was at a different buffet). We headed on the trail south afterwards, the sun was starting to show, wind was at the back so it was a pretty easy ride to Jerseys to take a break and get some water. After all was said and done got in 27 miles, which puts me only at 40 for the year! I am way behind on miles since last year I finished with 2500-2600 miles. I have a feeling I will get in a lot this year, but might be splitting my cycling time with outdoor running time.ImageI have the Triathlon on June 2nd, but I’d like to get more into running and do some 5K runs throughout the summer as well. I am also back to doing my workouts in the morning. It’s a bitch at times to get up at 4:30, but I would rather get that done and over with so I can use my afternoon/evenings for outside bike rides, runs and also just to enjoy my night without the trip to the gym. Since March is over I will also get back to lifting as I did a Cardio March month, where i focused mostly on cardio. One thing I do is try and figure out what kind of lifts I am going to do each day. My new plan is to set a up at body part for the day of the week and that’s what I lift. EX: Tuesdays-Legs, Thursdays-Arms, Saturdays-Chest and Sundays-Shoulders/Back. This way I can do different lifts to confuse my muscles and keep it different each time. (oh an abs will be thrown in there most days) 

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