Friday Flashback….A Night to…NOT….remember!

It’s another Friday Flashback where BAD BOBBY was at it again…

This is the story of the night I will never….remember…well remember fully that is…

This was from June 29th, 2012. It was a Friday night and was planned to be a great night…

I biked out to Jerseys to meet up with a few people for some 2 for 1 beers (Giant Beers that is) I think I had 4 of them, plus a tall boy for the entry form to win a bicycle. I headed down to Uptown Friday Nights. (Uptown Friday Nights is at Green Square Park and they have a band from 5-8, it’s a good time. By the time I got to the park rain was coming down, i went into a parking garage to see all the event being taken down. BUMMER cause I was excited to listen to the band, dance and have fun. Well i had my father in law come pick me up and take me home. My wife and a few of her friends were going to a bar called Chucks, so I went there with them. I enjoyed a pitcher of beer. (Of I should say I started around 2:00 pm.) A friend I work with picked me up around 8:00 pm from Chucks and we went downtown to Dublin they had their 2 for 1 special. I switched to vodka lemonades. This is where things get kind of fuzzy and most/rest of the story if what I remember people telling me. 

We had a few drinks at Dublin, played some pool and then went over to the Field House. I was doing my usual, which is dancing on the dance floor. Supposedly I fell down and when the bouncer came to tell me to have a seat and relax I got mad and left. I went back to Dublin and fell out of my chair so my friends decided it was time I better go. They had me go outside. Somehow I called my wife who was at a different bar about 4 blocks away. I guess I walked over there to say hello. The best decision of the night was when I got there I told them I need a cab, so she called a cab for me. It took me about 15 minutes to get into the cab, and to finally shut the cab door. The next part is really fuzzy, parts I only remember because of items I found in my pocket. I must of told the cab I only had $10 on me and he must have kicked me out $10 from the bar. From there I walked (I knew what street I was on because the next morning I found a listing for a house in my pocket.) At the time Melissa and I were looking for a house. Anyways I remember walking behind all the nursing homes, and I was scared shitless because I thought someone was coming after me. I finally got a hold of my mom to pick me up at the gas station to take me home as I don’t think I would have made it by walking. Woke up the next morning not remember a thing until I talked to a few friends who filled me in on the details from above. it was a crazy night, a bad night, and a night that I never plan to repeat….hopefully

Here is the photo of the start of the night I did not remember! 


1 Response to “Friday Flashback….A Night to…NOT….remember!”

  1. 1 BB's #1 ran
    April 5, 2013 at 10:30 AM

    Hahahaha!!! I would have loved to been a fly in your pocket for that shit show!

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