A Few days in ONE post…


So I forgot to do my Friday Flashback. Let’s take a stroll back to the triple 7’s (07-07-07) This was my (girlfriend at the time) and my 3 year anniversary. I planed a trip to Chicago. I lied and say my Aunt won 2 tickets to a dinner cruise, so she wouldn’t wonder why I purchased these tickets. The surprise all most got spoiled a few times. The night before we were at Uptown Friday Nights listening to a band, and she went up to my Aunt to thank her for the tickets, and my aunt was like “what tickets…oh… ya Those tickets”. Then on our way to Chicago her dad sent he a congrats text (was supposed to send it to me) but mistakenly sent it to her. Luckily he just got a phone and was testing the picture sharing texts, so was able to play it off that way. The day was great, sight seeing,shopping and the dinner cruise. During the cruise I waited for her to go to the restroom  ran up to request a anniversary dance and gave him my camera to video tape it. Funny thing was that she thought I was drunk when I was talking to her, but I proposed…and she did say Yes (otherwise I probably wouldn’t be writing about this). It was one of my greatest nights and probably why we like to go to Chicago a lot. It also ended with fireworks which were perfect since she realized she liked me on the 4th of July back in 2004. 



Saturday night/Early Sunday morning

I got an e-mail about Harley (our Foster dog) that there was some people interested in him. We have only had him a week, and would have thought we would have had him longer than that. It made the wife and I realize that we weren’t ready to give him up. We are what they call “Failed Fosters” as in that moment we decided to adopt him. He gets along with Murphy (most of the time) and even in the short week that we have had him he has became part of our family. So please Welcome our newest member of the family, Harley!




This morning I woke up 15 minute later than I usually do for the gym. I hurried my way out the door to get to the gym. I got in a very vigorous 10 minute warm up on the Elliptical, and then did my chest lifts. I wasn’t sure if it was the being “late” than made me bust my ass, but it was a great workout. I need to kick it into gear as well, I have about 47 days until my triathlon. I need to start working on my running outdoors and hopefully by May I can do a swim at the beach to get used to colder water and the dark gross water as well. I did get in 20 miles on the bike and I just hope the day of the Tri there is no WIND! 

That pretty much sums up the weekend! 

2 Responses to “A Few days in ONE post…”

  1. 1 mike pulkrab
    April 15, 2013 at 1:22 PM

    are you sure she just didnt get hit with a firework first?…..then she liked you??

  2. April 15, 2013 at 1:24 PM

    Hey whatever happened it worked out for me 🙂

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