40 Days…well in 4 days…(Comment Please!!)

My first ever triathlon is in 40 days. This coming Monday. I am only down 8 pounds and was hoping to be at 170 by the TRI, and I’m currently at 192. I will be happy if I can weigh in at 180 the day of.

I am thinking of changing my diet for the next 40 days. I am going to cut out bread and fried food. I think the only hard part will be for my wife who cooks us dinner and not making bread stuff. Also the occasional drunken night out ordering fried food and a pizza at 2am will be a little hard. Anyways its my plan to do.

Now WordPress followers and friends, I need to replace my lunch. Each day I eat the same meal. Usually a jelly sandwich (need a substitute for that), 100 calorie cracker, light yogurt, 100 calorie pack of almonds/walnuts, and then a fruit and vegetable. Fruits usually consists of either an apple, clementine, pear, peach and the veggie consists of a while red pepper, carrots or a cucumber. Most of lunch is fine, just need to replace the bread…IDEAS???

Also I work part time at the YMCA day Carr so I get free breakfast, which is usually toast, pancakes, waffles, bagel, or cereal…What can I replace breakfast with?

Any suggestions are appreciated!

2 Responses to “40 Days…well in 4 days…(Comment Please!!)”

  1. April 18, 2013 at 3:12 PM

    I would stop eating any of the breakfast at the Y, no more fried food AT ALL, bread once a week, romaine lettuce replace bread for sandwich, and cut portions down as far as you can and drink plenty of water. Maybe vitimins?

  2. 2 mike
    April 18, 2013 at 9:33 PM

    stop worrying so much about the weight now….u lost alot already…now worry about the stamina for the race.

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