Friday Flashback!

Back in April, 2012, I went with some friends to a Cedar Rapids Titans Arena Football game. The game was fun to watch, the stadium however was not fit for the game. The kicker kept hitting the ceiling almost on the field goal attempts. Shortly before halftime they cheerleaders came through out section looking for 2 dancers for a dance off. My friends were egging me on to do it, but I was only 1 beer in and working on my second. The wife was off getting number 3. After the peer pressure I decided to do it and down my 2nd beer on my way to the entrance. I met my competitor and he kind of looked like a dancer already. I wasn’t worried though…I’m BAD BOBBY! Anyways, the guy asked if he could take his shirt of during the dance, they agreed if that was all he took off. I knew I wasn’t taking mine off and so I had to think of something to top that. I was hoping for a Michael Jackson song, but got just a random song. I did however bust out some Billie Jean moves, but that isn’t what won it for me. See I was dancing to the stands where my friends were at. The other guy went to the other half to sane for them. The announcer, Kathryn Foxx radio lady, told em to go to that side. I turned around and saw the guy with his legs wide and dancing, so I said screw that I ran, dove underneath his legs and jumped up to dance right in front of him. That is about the time the crown went nuts. He did then took his shirt off, but that wasn’t beating my under the legs move. I do have a video of it, and am trying to get a better video of it. But here is the picture of the end, raising the hand of the winner! Image

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