Shadow Creek: By Joy Fielding

I was asked when I gave my last book review to put my rating first, this way people can see the rating without reading the spoilers below. 


I would rate this book at 4.5/5, it was a easy read, some twists through out and it ended! Other books I have read left me hanging at the end wondering what happens next. It was almost a 5/5 but at some parts I got lost in the moment of where things were taking place, and the beginning was a little boring at first. 


This book was about a woman (Valarie), her daughter (Brianne), Val’s friends (Melissa and James) and Val’s ex husband’s fiance (Jennifer.) Jennifer was picking up Brianne to take her to a hotel/spa with her dad (Ethan). He was late like usual, and so Val volunteered to take them to the place. Things got out of control when they had to stay the night and share the hotel room with Jennifer and Brianne. During this time there were murders going around (mostly the killing of elderly people in the nearby area.) Brianne was a stuck up snob to her mom, Val has issues of being nice to the “slut” Jennifer (whom she caught cheating with her Husband in a flashback), and Melissa and James were there to help Val celebrate her 40th birthday. Things went haywire when Brianne sneaked out to meet up with her boyfriend and got caught naked in the open woods by a couple of park rangers. This caused a big fight between everyone at the hotel and they were asked to leave, (in a previous chapter, Val ran into an old friend from high school, Gary, and he said they could all stay with him down at the campsite, since they had a few tents to spare.) This is when Brianne went out again to meet her boyfriend, got lost in the woods after a car accident and eventually was found by the murderers. Throughout the book the author did do a great job of making me think Brianne was the killer, but she wasn’t. The killers were a young male and female that killed an elderly couple and were staying in their cottage for now. They brought Brianne back to the cottage, (The male (who used Multiple names) was dressed as a park ranger and helped her to the cottage, he also wanted to sleep with her). Nikki the female killer (again not her real name) wanted to kill her since she was jealous. Val, James, Melissa and Jennifer went on a search to find Brianne after they realized she was missing. The finally found the cottage, and were invited in by Nikki. When they realized they Nikki was lying and not who she said they were, the male came into the room (Brianne was locked in the trunk of the car) and was ready to kill all 4 of them. Val managed to get the gun from Nikki and shot the male dead. She swooped in and saved the day. Brianne swore she’d behave better and be nicer to her mom, Val and Jennifer at this point seemed to become good friends and Ethan never did show up. When they all got back home and dropped Jennifer off at Ethan’s apartment, they noticed one of Brianne’s friends car outside and finally realized why he didn’t show up that weekend, as he was sleeping with the friend. This is where the book ended, realizing that we knew what would happen next. 

Like I said it was 4.5/5 I think it could have been a little better, but it was fast to read and easy. 

Until next month….

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