18ish Days away

I have about 18 days, 12 hours, 53 minutes and 30 seconds until my first triathlon. I think my training is going great. I am down to 186 lbs (200 at the beginning of 2013, 210 beginning of 2012, and 229 beginning of 2011) The other day I did a mile run at the gym before my cycling class and got one of my fastest times of 7 minutes and 30 seconds. Although the other day I swam and added some seconds to my time. (10:54 to 11:21) I have decided I am going to rent a Wetsuit and Plan to go rent one few days before the TRI so I can get a test swim in. I am getting pretty excited to do this and hopefully I stick with it and do some more. I found a Duathlon in Amana, IA (run bike run) in August I might do. I signed up to do the 100 mile granGable ride, where at the end Dan Gable puts a Gold Medal around your neck, cool…very cool! 

Plus RAGBRAI is coming up soon a week of biking, partying and the Ultimate Bad Bobby Experience! 

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