Don’t Go by Lisa Scottoline

Book Review Number 5:

So I kind of slacked this month, didn’t end up buying the book until May 18th, and was not sure what I would think about the book. It was a novel, Don’t Go, by Lisa Scottoline. A friend asked how far I was, and I told her I haven’t started. So i downloaded the book since I was going to Wisconsin on the 18th and read on the way there and back. I was at 60% completed by the time I was done. This has been the fastest book I have ever read. It only took 3 days, probably because it was so good. I highly recommend this book and below I will give my review. It will have spoilers  so IF YOU HAVE NOT READ THE BOOK YET, PLEASE DON’T READ THE REVIEW.

RATING: So the other books I think I rated to high, some I gave a 4.5/5 (which really after reading this book they should be 3-3.5/5. This book in my opinion was 5/5 with TWO THUMBS up!

REVIEW: (like I said, don’t read any further if you haven’t read the book)


The book started out great, it was the wife, Chloe, who was home while her husband was in Afghanistan  She had an accident and cut her arm open while in the kitchen. When she woke up she was woozy and couldn’t move. She couldn’t stand up to reach for a phone or laptop. As she crawled to the door, getting weaker by the minute, just to try and get outside to yell for help, she collapsed  She did hear someone coming in, and the person walked in saw her and left. The person did not call 9-1-1 or anything to help. This left me hanging on edge, I was like who was there, why didn’t they help, etc…

Mike, the husband in Afghanistan  got the news and went home for a 10 day leave. This is where things got odd. He found out she was a drinker and felt ashamed and mad at her for being an alcoholic. Chloe’s sister and brother-in-law, Danielle and Bob said that when Mike returns back to Afghanistan they would watch his daughter, Emily, who at the time was less than a year old. He agreed to that and signed some papers (since Bob was a lawyer) and was only planning on being back in Afghanistan for another month.

When he got back to Afghanistan things went south for Mike again. His base got attacked killing some of his friends and other soldiers that he was asked to stay for another year. He couldn’t leave them and asked Danielle/Bob to watch Emily for that time. Then he also got a letter from the autopsy report on his wife stating that she was pregnant with another child, which WAS NOT his. He now found out his wife cheated on him while he was away. Then a few chapters later his Humvee got attacked and he woke up in a hospital, alive, but lost his left arm at the elbow. It’s was very sad for him since his life work was being a surgeon.

When he got back to the states, he was staying with Danielle and Bob, that things went downhill again. Mike thought he found the kid that his wife slept with, punched him in the face and got arrested and later on got filed a lawsuit against him. Then Chloe’s best friend Sara was murdered. Mike figured it had to be because he was going to tell her about his wife cheating and since Sara probably knew about it the “man that had an affair” killed her. He tried to take on the law by himself, but wound up coming home later one night and Danielle and Bob kicked him out and said they were keeping Emily. Mike got a lawyer (even though Bob was his lawyer, but at this time he had to get a new one). Stephanie was his lawyer and he had to get some things done in a day, get a place, furnished, get therapy, and make his home a welcoming home. Also he had to get a job. He was ok money wise for a few months, but still needed a job.

Mike went to his old practice and they offered him to work with them trying to sell this new boots for kids that brakes their ankles, foot’s, etc… He didn’t like being the “war hero” trying to get sympathy for selling boots and decided he didn’t want to do that anymore. His old partner Jim, seemed like an odd man as well.

At the trail for Emily, everything went well until the question was asked to Mike if Danielle/Bob would make a good family for Emily and he said yes. This pissed off his lawyer Stephanie, but she got over that later. That night at the funeral he realized some new information, that he thinks it wasn’t the kid that slept with his wife, it was the father. He talked to Stephanie and she said he was going over their to confront him. She advised he call the cops and go home, he said he would. He called the cops, but went to the house anyways trying to settle the lawsuit with the father. Once the father realized Chloe was pregnant, Mike knew he did it, he knew he slept with Chloe and he knew he killed Sara. Then BOOM he got hit from the back from the man’s wife. They thought Mike was dead, and were talking about how he slept with her and his wife was the one that went to the house and didn’t help Chloe. Mike eventually got up and attacked the father (after the father was beating his wife for not helping his mistress who was pregnant with his child). The struggle went on and after basically knocking out the father, Mike was so weaken he crawled to the door hoping the police would show up. Right before he collapsed he saw Stephanie breaking the window and coming in to help him.

The next morning he woke up in the hospital, Stephanie was there with him. Sara’s husband Don came the thank him for finding the murderer. The Danielle and Bob came in to apologize and said they throughout the lawyers papers and wanted Emily to be with her real Dad, and that they wanted to be apart of Mike and Emily’s life. It seemed like a few weeks went by, and Mike and Emily were going on a trip to Connecticut to visit some of his war buddies. Stephanie and Mike were now dating, and right before the book was over they through one more twist. Danielle found a bottle of some very expensive Scotch, and Mike knew who’s it was. He went down to his old practice to confront his old partner Jim about sleeping with his wife. He admitted he tried and it didn’t work, and if it wasn’t for Emily, he would have knocked him out. But Jim’s new partner was all about reputation and since Mike did this in front of everyone he figured he would get fired.

Like I said this book was great, a lot more happens, but I don’t want to re-write the book.  Hope you liked it as much as I did and please leave comments!!

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