My first Triathlon! (Pigman in Palo, IA)

On June 2nd, I woke up at 5:00 am, feeling motivated, determined, focused and ready to kick some Triathlon ass! I got my gear ready to go as I was waiting for my ride, aired up my bike tires, double checked my bag, got my wet-suit and had a bowl of yogurt with a bananas and some water. As we arrived at the beach, some nerves started to kick in, but once I got my bike to the designated area I was focused and ready for the event. I got all my stuff sorted out and ready to go, put on the wet-suit and headed for the water. I saw everyone that was waiting in the water, so I got in and it was a lot warmer than I thought it would be. 

Swim: As I looked into the distance of the loop I had to swim around I felt I was unprepared. I was like shit, this will take me at-least 15-20 minutes to do. My average time was 10:45-11:30 for the swim trials. When I was up to go I forgot about everything, got focused and ready to complete the swim part. As I was swimming, It felt like it was taking forever. I felt as if I was close to the loop, but was still further away than I thought. I just kept moving forward. When I got to the end of the swim, I stood up to run, but the water was still too high to I stumbled a little bit getting out, but got out and ran to my bike.




Swim-Bike Transition: It could have been quicker, but took a bit to get wet-suit off, but I got it off, slid my bike sandals on while I was putting my jerseys on (which got stuck to my wet skin and took me a bit to get it completely on), I put on helmet and I was ready to go. I had a cycling cap I accidentally put in my bag so I said forget it, didn’t really need it anyways. 



Biking: This part came easy, or so I thought. I was cruising for the first 5 miles. We had 2 loops to go around. The first loop I got to averaging about 23-25 mph, but when I turned the loop the head wind was so bad I dropped to 13-14 mph. I had about 5-6 miles in the bad head wind and up a hill. The second loop seemed to be forever away. I got to the loop turned around and was glad to have Mr. Wind back at my back. Especially since I had to go up another hill. I got my average back to 17 mph and could have gone faster, but I was thinking that I still had to run, and didn’t want to have to stop while running cause my legs were tired. I got to the transition area…STARVING!


Bike-Run Transition: I got my bike put back on the rack, helmet off, and sandals off at the same time. Quickly put on my socks and shoes, but was very hungry so I grabbed a granola bar out of my bag to give me a boost of energy.  Then I was off for the final loop…

Running: I started running up a small slant, and was like oh shit, my legs are killing me, but my goal was to go, NOT STOP and finish strong. I got to mile one and was like only 2.1 left to go, then hit the loop and picked up my speed a bit. Passed mile 2 and said to myself…”You only got 1.1 miles left, kick ass, don’t stop..NO PAIN NO GAIN” I kept repeating to myself. As I rounded the last corner, saw the finish line I picked up my speed a bit and cross the FINISH LINE! I didn’t stop, I completed all events and am very proud of my accomplishment! 





Well looking up the full results: Overall Results I finished 317/612… Overall Male Results 246/392…Overall Division (Male 25-29) 16/27, Swim Time 11:30, Bike Time 53:29 (17 mph average), Run Time 29:04 (9:21 average). Now I have a goal and a time to beat next year!




1 Response to “My first Triathlon! (Pigman in Palo, IA)”

  1. 1 Lisa Perez
    June 4, 2013 at 10:06 PM

    WOW – great work!!! You should be SUPER proud!

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