The Worlds Most Dangerous Firework….The Sparklers

On July 6th, 2013 the day of my cousins wedding, there was an incident. We were going to light some sparklers. So being the pyro I am I grabbed and handful and started handing them out. Once everyone had one, thought it would be best to just light the rest. The sparklers were the 1.5 foot length so not the baby sparklers and were metal. One one was light it took about 2 seconds for the rest to burst into a sparkler bomb. I immediately dropped it (along with my beer) Good news is I did’t break my BAD BOBBY beer mug I got as a groomsmen gift.

The first picture here is the sparkler bomb still on fire on the ground and my beer all around it…



I ran to the bathroom to wipe off the soot I thought was on my hand, nope just a burnt hand. The shock overwhelmed my and I passed out for a few seconds…Luckily my brother caught me. I was told I needed to leave and go to the ER, but it was only around 10:00 pm and I still had 2 hours of partying left at my cousins wedding.

I got some medical help and stayed at the dance…

Hand Wrapped and Ready


I got a pitcher of ice water to keep the hand in to cool it down

Ice Water


The next morning before heading to Urgent Care, here is what the hand looked like…

Sparklers 3


A few days after, looking darker and burned…



Now the blisters have popped, the skin and been shedding off and hopefully the healing has begun!

Sparklers 5


I have to say that I never thought sparkelrs could do such a thing, I mean they are the LEGAL fireworks. But I did learn a lesson and that is…Next Time have them in my left hand! 😀


1 Response to “The Worlds Most Dangerous Firework….The Sparklers”

  1. July 18, 2013 at 1:21 PM

    Chris, The girl in the 1st picture her dress got a few sparks on the back. Good thing she was quick cause that dress would have burned like paper. She moved away and brushed the back of her dress. I’ll bet she got some small holes though.

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