Lost (books)

So I have watched the LOST TV Series 3 times now. I didn’t have a DVR or TiVo when it first came out so I never got into it. As I might not be a huge fan of the way it ended overall I thought it was a great show and I still want more. I did some Google searching and I found 3 books written by Cathy Hapka. 

1. Lost: Endangered Species


2. Lost: Secret Identity


3. Lost: Signs of Life


Now they had nothing NEW to really add to the show. But all 3 from what I could tell were based out of the first season or 2. All three books were about another castaway on the Island. Each chapter would go back and forth of the life on the island and their back story of who they were and how they came to the Island. Each book would reference things and people going on in the show and these characters had conversations and explorations with some of the main characters: Jack, Sawyer, Charlie, Hurley, Kate, Jin, Michael and Claire. The books didn’t give any more clues about the show, but I think they were fun books to read. After watching the show 3 times, I always wondered what the others and when I say others, I don’t mean “others” I mean the other castaways were doing, did they have any roles, or anything strange or weird things happen to them. Well read these 3 books to find out. I got all three on Amazon I think for no more than $5 a book.   

I would give them all a 8-9/10 mainly because I liked the show Lost, and just added to the fun of watching the show and reading about it. It makes me want to watch it a 4th time now mainly so I can see if I can spot out these castaways or see if anything from the books relate more to the story or now. BUT I think I will wait a few years or so before I watch it again. 

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