2014 A New Year, New Resolutions, Goals Met

Well, 2013 was a good year (not the best of my life, but still good). Did my first Triathlon and plan to do my 2nd in 2014. I met a lot of fun a cool people on RAGBRAI, and had one of the best weekends of the year being “off the grid” with my wife and the dogs at a cabin in Iowa with no phones, internet, electronics, just us and the pups. 

2013 New Years Resolutions:
1. No Sweets (except for Frozen Yogurt with fruit, or plain vanilla ice cream)
1. Met this goal
2. Read 12 books (Started BOOK PUB)
2. Met this goal
3. Lose Weight
3. Lost weight, but it crept back at the end of the year, so goal not met…

2014 Resolutions:
1. Read at least 13 or more books
2. NO FRIED FOOD ALL YEAR (still debating sweets)
3. Beat my 2013 Triathlon time
4. Lose Weight (and keep it off this time)
5. My newest one for the year, do 10 NEW things I have never done before, I don’t know what those 10 things are, but have 12 months to figure that one. One so far is I am going to L.A and have never been there before.. 

I have goals I know I will meet, and some goals will be hard work, but I am ready for a new year…

Oh…and number one goal…HAVE FUN!!!

2014 BRING IT ON!!!


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