Weekly Photo Challenge: Treasure (Grandma’s $2 Bill)

I just found out about this, so I thought I would give it a shot. 

When I think of treasures, many things come to mind. the love of my wife, my dogs, and my bicycle. But when I get to deeply thinking about it, I think of what is something I have on me at all times (besides my cherished wedding band and promise ring). That is when I remembered tucked away in my wallet never to spend is a 2-dollar bill. 

My last Christmas with my Grandma Stumpff she gave all us kids a $2 bill. It was the last gift I got from her before she passed away. Even though she had a stoke when I was very young and sign somethings for us with Mom, she would always be sure to show her love of us grand kids. It was a very sad time to have to say Good Bye, but the best thing I could think of was now she is in a place where she can be with my Pappy, have conversations with her friends, see her dogs and gracefully look down upon us and see the great things we do. So I have her $2 bill on me, always in my wallet, I think of it as my good luck charm. So I would say this would be one of my “Treasured” possessions. 


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