Flashback Friday (Dixie Doodle)

This morning I was waiting in my car at the gym, and this song come’s on the radio: Rod Stewart- Have I told you Lately. Immediately tears came to my eyes and it made me think of Dixie Doodle. Melissa was a Vet Assistant student and got to work one on one with a shelter dog. It was between a Beagle and a Basset Hound. I was like go with the Basset, since you can get to attached to Beagles, and we wouldn’t be able to adopt (with our current living situation at the time). Anyways, the minute I saw the sweet little face, I was attached as well as everyone else that met her. Luckily Melissa has a great Dad and adopted Dixie so we could have her in the family. Unfortunately her time on Earth didn’t last long. We found out that she had cancer and basically there was no cure. We kept her comfortable until that unfortunate night we had to send her to Rainbow Bridge. It’s funny that no mater how long you have a pet for, 1 month, 20 years and everything in between, you get attached and it hurts the heart when you have to say goodbye. 

I have went through the Facebook assortment of photos that Melissa and I have posted. Some of them I have picked for very specific reasons and will explain with each picture. Now at the time it was very…VERY sad to lose her so young, but to think of where we have came since then. If we never would have adopted Dixie to the family, we probably would have never tried to look for a Basset Hound to adopt and would never have gotten Murphy. I think she was that Guardian Angel Dog that helped of get over the pain of losing her and to help save a life and adopt Murphy. Now…to look back on the photos….here is Dixie Doodle 🙂

This is Dixie Doodle. She was a fun loving, easy going dog. Like all dogs she had her own personality. Image

This one below is one of my favorite. Dixie is at school with Melissa, and when Melissa sent this to me I set it as my phone background. It lined up perfectly with my front screen to make it look like she was peaking over the screen. 



Here is a photo of Melissa and I taking her somewhere, silly dog 🙂



Here are 2 photos of Melissa and Dixie



Here are 2 photo of Dixie and I (The first time I met her at the school she would just bark at me and run away…the one in the blue hoodie is the second time I met here, already warmed up to me) 



Here are a few photos just to show that silly personality she had 



One of my favorite memories was the K9-Splash event. Took Dixie swimming, I basically walked her into the pool and she took off…one of the best photos that I think we got of her swimming…Image


Finally, she was one of the best “Flower” Dogs at our wedding, and I think in our wedding video as we get into the Limo to leave we hear her barking away sending us good thoughts



Now, it was hard at times to write this (mainly the beginning) but when you look at the photos and she the full life she had in the short time with us it brings some happy tears. 

Rest in Peace Doodle…until we meet again at Rainbow Bridge 






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