2016 Begins and Resolutions

2016 has arrived, reached some goals last year, but not as many as I thought I would reach. I did run 303 miles for the year compared to 200 I did all of 2014. I did race at least 1 5k event each month with a few months doing 2-3 5k’s and even did a 10k race. I completed my 3rd Triathlon, which I got a better time but not by much.

2016 Goals or Resolutions whatever you want to call it.
1. No More Sweets! (Cake, Cookies, Candy etc… All except plain vanilla ice cream or FroYo, but any other sweet,  doughnuts, cinnamon rolls all gone. I gave them from all of 2013 until Sept 2014, and did fine.
2. Run another 5k event each month, same as last year but to add too it, I will run 1 5k run outside each week to make it more fun.
3. I’ll be looking to sign up for my first ever Half Marathon, not sure when or where so if you have  suggestions let me know.
4. I would like to get more into the blogging world so going to get back on track of updating my WWW.BADBOBBY.NET website.

Other than that, not a whole lot of new things just to stay living positively, stress free and just overall always having fun in  life.

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