Daily/Weekly Posts

So, as I have been thinking all day of what kind of themes I can do each day to keep me staying up to date of adding posts to my page.

Here is what I have so far…
Sunday- Short Story Sundays. look to get my creative mind rolling but writing some fictional short stories. 
Monday- Music Mondays, I will post a song lyrics or video and explain why I like the specific song.
Tuesday- Top Five Tuesdays, will list my top five something from different topics, movies, tv shows, songs, singers, etc…
Wednesday- Workout Wednesdays, to talk about a goal I reached in my exercising, upcoming races/events I am doing, or anything related to fitness.
Thursday- Throwback Thursdays, look back at old photos or posts and re-post it.
Friday- Fun Fact Fridays, I will Google some funny, unusual, odd, or any fact and post about it.
Saturday- Something Saturdays, it could be anything, just a fun day with no general topic.

Since have a New Years resolution to start getting back to updating my BAD BOBBY site, I figured I would create topics for me to have something to write about. I have always felt if I ever went back to school, I would do Creative Writing, and some how land my Dream Job of being a “Bicycle Writer” where I just ride my bike, and get paid to write about stuff. Wishful thinking, but HEY….It could happen!

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