Tuesday Top 5

This is my first Top 5 Tuesday post. Let’s start off this week and go with my Top 5 countdown of overall favorite movies.

5. Independence Day: I remember seeing this in theaters as a kid and it was awesome, at the time I was in a big Alien phase, loved collecting Alien head stickers. Also the cast was very well done, made this a action movie with comedy slipped in. I have been a big believer in Aliens ever since I was little.

4. Terminator 2: To be honest I remember watching this was my family way back when we moved back to Cedar Rapids from Texas. I was in the basement of out house as the family watched it. I remember being terrified when the bomb went off and basically turned all to ash (I was like 5-6 years old at the time). It was cool see the T-1000 having liquid metal abilities bit overall having Arnold Schwarzenegger was on point, I don’t think anyone else would have made a better Terminator.

3. Dumb and Dumber: This is by far number 1 comedy of all time. My best friend Wes and I know all the lines, know the jokes, sing Mocking Bird and always joke about doing some Dumb adventures. I honestly think sometimes this was based off our lives and the dumb shit we do. Also…Jim Carrey is the funniest man I have ever seen on screen. The movie was great and its one that will never get hold.

2. Die Hard: This movie series is all great, but I remember actually seeing Die Hard: With a Vengeance first, not knowing of the first one. It wasn’t till last Middle School or Early High School where I saw Die Hard for the first time (besides the bits and pieces of when someone else watched it) it was such an awesome movie. Great plot twists and great cast as Bruce Willis is my all time favorite actor.

1. Armageddon: Where to begin with this movie, I think the first time I have seen it I was visiting my aunt in Chicago. It was such a great movie. If I had to guess my count of where I am at in numbers of times watched, I would guess we’ll over 1000000000, just kidding but I would say at least 100+ times. I can watch it from beginning to end, jump in the middle or catch the very end. Always hoping there is an alternative way to save Harry Stamper. This is one of the movies where I have actually years up at the end. Very emotional and well written story. GREAT cast and one of those movies I have memorized all of it. This movie will always and forever remain my. Number 1 movie of all time!

There is my top 5 movies of all time

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