Top Five Tuesday

This week’s Top Five will be my top five Superhero’s.

5.  Batman- Growing up Batman was always a favorite, having the utility belt, good gadgets, batmobile and being the hero in Gotham. I grew up with the 80/90s Batman movies and although at the time they were great I think my love for Batman came with the Dark Knight series. I still wish it would have continued into Batman v Superman.


4. Michelangelo (TMNT)- Ever since I was little I always had TMNT toys, clothes, pretty much everything. I was always a funny and outgoing good kid growing up so I related well the the funny and outgoing Michelangelo Ninja Turtle. The cartoons growing up were great to watch and I hope I can find the series in DVD to have Stella watch later in life. Go Ninja Go Ninja Go Go Go!


3. Superman- I remember in elementary school, maybe middle school watching Lois and Clark, always was a fan of Superman, being able to fly, the stretch, and X-ray vision. He would definitely have all the superpowers I’d love to have for a day. Look Its a Bird…a Plane… No its SUPERMAN!


2. Captain America- I would say since I have become a huge fan of the Avengers after seeing the first Captain America movie I was a huge fan. He’s an American Hero, strong and smart. Plus supports the Red White and Blue! Now I think I have the more clothes with Captain America on it so you might think he is my all time favorite… But he’s a close second…


1. Hulk- DON’T MAKE ME ANGRY! HULK is my all time favorite. Strong, Powerful and just an overall beast. It might not be the superpowers I would prefer but if it was controlled it would be awesome. I have been the Hulk a fee times for Halloween. His movies may of sucked but now that they are doing s better job with him is Marvel Cinema in really hoping for a new Hulk movie.


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