Throwback Thursday (RAGBRAI 06)


This is me, pre Bad Bobby, this was my second year of doing RAGBRAI. I did a day in 2004, but I don’t have a photo from that. This was from 2006, I did the last day from Coralville to Muscatine. I don’t remember the mileage. I do remember it was HOT. This was the day I knew I was doing something I love and plan to do until I die. This photo shows the inexperienced rider, heavy shorts, tennis shoes with socks, old mountain bike. It was a great time, throughout the past 11 years I have been on a few different teams, met some new people, made new friends and overall have a blast every year the last week of July hits. RAGBRAI is the birthplace of BAD BOBBY, and he’s a fun guy to party with. Each year I say it was the best year, but overall all the years are a great year. Each year of the BRAI there is something new, new nicknames, new people, new roads and overall that one town where you just don’t remember as it was that much fun. Throughout the years I have upgraded my bike to my beloved Black Betty, 2008 Lemond Tournalet. It was nice going from a mountain bike that was heavy to a nice riding road bike. A week from Saturday we find out this year’s route and I cannot wait!

Below is one of my favorite RAGBRAI photos of me, man how I have changed in the last 10 years. This jsut shows the fun and good time I have!

Ride On!


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