Fun Fact Friday (Space)

Growing up I was always a big fan on the unknown, space, planets….Aliens! Now not many people might have a favorite planet, but I do, it’s Jupiter.


I was looking up a fun fact for today, so here’s the fact:

“Juno is a NASA New Frontiers mission to the planet Jupiter. Juno was launched from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station on August 5, 2011 and will arrive on July 4, 2016.”


This year we will be unlocking the mysteries of a much much bigger and far away planet. This is exciting to see what kind of information they will get from data.

If in the future there is an option for me to go into space, I will take that opportunity. To see our world from the view of space would be just fricken sweet. I always said, if I knew when I was going to die I would ask to be placed in a space shuttle and sent to space. Once I got to space I would want some high power jetpack, exit the space craft and just float my way to another planet or further into space. Yes I’d probaly die before I got even close to another planet, BUT you just never know there could be an Alien life form that finds me and brings me back to life.

So I’ll be tuning in July 4th to see if the Juno mission makes it to Jupiter. Good Luck!

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