BAD BOBBY was born on a night during RAGBRAI, July 23rd 2008 to be exact. BAD BOBBY was the party animal inside that ended up bursting out and hasn’t left yet. The day after he came out, he started his ritual on RAGBRAI of drawing on complete strangers with magic markers, usually putting the superman logo, which he has transformed into a BAD BOBBY logo. Eventually as BAD BOBBY got older and wiser BAD BOBBY got some sweet wrist bands made up, and if your lucky enough to party with BAD BOBBY you will be lucky enough to receive one. RAGBRAI is BAD BOBBYS’ main parting week of the year…but there are plenty of other events that BAD BOBBY has been to, HAWKEYE Tailgating, partying with the LARGE MIDGETS, and basically anytime BAD BOBBY has beer in hand.So come back and check out the events calendar and if you see BAD BOBBYout don’t be afraid to party with him, and you might get your wrist band. He’ll usually be the wild guy or the closet guy to the stage…and if Michael Jackson music is playing you know he’ll be dancing his way around the area!!

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