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Top Five Tuesday

This week’s edition of my Top Five for Tuesday will be my Top Five things I’d like to so before I die. Some are possible, some may be impossible.

5. Skydiving- I’d like to take the adventure to the high road, and jump out of a plane. I think it would just be a big rush, fun and overall a fantastic experience.


4. Travel to Space- Now this may be impossible, but I’m still  young you never know what will happen in the next 10-20-30 years. Maybe their will be a way to travel to Space, and I would sure be number one on the list. I have always been fascinated with space, and would love to see Earth from a different view.


3. Coast to Coast Bicycle Ride- I love bicycling, and someday plan to take the summer of fly out to California and load my future touring bike up and hit the open road. Nothing but biking, camping, seeing new places and having a great time. This will be many years down the road as I would need to save some money and really get it mapped out,  but biking across the USA would be awesome!


2. Write a book- I haven’t decided if I want to write a fiction or nonfiction book, but someday want to write a book. I think I got a creative enough mind to make it something great. Maybe a retirement job, but is something I plan to do someday. Maybe this will be something I write during my bicycle tour across the USA.


1. Family Trip throughout the US- I think it would be fun to take Stella and any other future  kids on a trip to each state in America. It would be fun to find the most popular landmarks in each state to see. It would be cool to rent an RV and hit multiple states at once, but it will be something we will do over time.







I have always dreams of the perfect job. And my title would be “Bicycle Writer” I would love to have a job to be able to bike around and write about it, write short stories, write a novel, write a biography and even write a few status updates. I didn’t go to school for creative writing, but I can be pretty creative. I have some goals this summer to do some longer bicycle rides, one I hope to do is a bicycle rice to the Windy City. It would be fun to leave early Wednesday morning and arrive around later afternoon/evening on Friday. Have my wife meet me there, stay for the weekend and drive back. I would map out the trip out to find some camping spots. By myself a B.O.B. trailer to carrying my stuff, although pack light.

I was in a day-dreaming mode at the gym today and thought I would blog it.


Daddy’s Girl by Lisa Scottoline

This year as many of you may know I wanted to get into reading more. So I created a book club called “BOOK PUB”. We would read a book each month, go to a bar or pub to drink and talk about the book. I read my 12th book of the year and finished it last night. 

Daddy’s Girl by Lisa Scottoline



I was given some pointers when it comes to doing book reviews. The main pointer I got was to give my rating out of 5 at the beginning of the book review, in case I had any spoilers. Then after the first few reports I decided I wouldn’t have any spoilers. So after reading Don’t Go by Lisa Scottoline and loved it, I decided to read another book by her. 

Daddy’s Girl to me was another great book by an author I am beginning to really like. If you look up at the book cover it says at the bottom: “SO MANY PLOT TWISTS, THE PAGES SEEM TO TURN THEMSELVES”- People. I have to agree 100%, this book had a lot of twists and keep me intrigued all the way to the end. I would give this book a 5/5. It was a very easy read, and kept me interested all the way through. I even tried to figure out the ending a few times while reading and was never right. The only thing I don’t understand is the title, Daddy’s Girl it didn’t really seem to fit the book, maybe in a small way, but not really. 

I would recommend this book to all, if you like plot twists, mystery, and overall a very good read, read this book. 


Don’t Go by Lisa Scottoline

Book Review Number 5:

So I kind of slacked this month, didn’t end up buying the book until May 18th, and was not sure what I would think about the book. It was a novel, Don’t Go, by Lisa Scottoline. A friend asked how far I was, and I told her I haven’t started. So i downloaded the book since I was going to Wisconsin on the 18th and read on the way there and back. I was at 60% completed by the time I was done. This has been the fastest book I have ever read. It only took 3 days, probably because it was so good. I highly recommend this book and below I will give my review. It will have spoilers  so IF YOU HAVE NOT READ THE BOOK YET, PLEASE DON’T READ THE REVIEW.

RATING: So the other books I think I rated to high, some I gave a 4.5/5 (which really after reading this book they should be 3-3.5/5. This book in my opinion was 5/5 with TWO THUMBS up!

REVIEW: (like I said, don’t read any further if you haven’t read the book)


The book started out great, it was the wife, Chloe, who was home while her husband was in Afghanistan  She had an accident and cut her arm open while in the kitchen. When she woke up she was woozy and couldn’t move. She couldn’t stand up to reach for a phone or laptop. As she crawled to the door, getting weaker by the minute, just to try and get outside to yell for help, she collapsed  She did hear someone coming in, and the person walked in saw her and left. The person did not call 9-1-1 or anything to help. This left me hanging on edge, I was like who was there, why didn’t they help, etc…

Mike, the husband in Afghanistan  got the news and went home for a 10 day leave. This is where things got odd. He found out she was a drinker and felt ashamed and mad at her for being an alcoholic. Chloe’s sister and brother-in-law, Danielle and Bob said that when Mike returns back to Afghanistan they would watch his daughter, Emily, who at the time was less than a year old. He agreed to that and signed some papers (since Bob was a lawyer) and was only planning on being back in Afghanistan for another month.

When he got back to Afghanistan things went south for Mike again. His base got attacked killing some of his friends and other soldiers that he was asked to stay for another year. He couldn’t leave them and asked Danielle/Bob to watch Emily for that time. Then he also got a letter from the autopsy report on his wife stating that she was pregnant with another child, which WAS NOT his. He now found out his wife cheated on him while he was away. Then a few chapters later his Humvee got attacked and he woke up in a hospital, alive, but lost his left arm at the elbow. It’s was very sad for him since his life work was being a surgeon.

When he got back to the states, he was staying with Danielle and Bob, that things went downhill again. Mike thought he found the kid that his wife slept with, punched him in the face and got arrested and later on got filed a lawsuit against him. Then Chloe’s best friend Sara was murdered. Mike figured it had to be because he was going to tell her about his wife cheating and since Sara probably knew about it the “man that had an affair” killed her. He tried to take on the law by himself, but wound up coming home later one night and Danielle and Bob kicked him out and said they were keeping Emily. Mike got a lawyer (even though Bob was his lawyer, but at this time he had to get a new one). Stephanie was his lawyer and he had to get some things done in a day, get a place, furnished, get therapy, and make his home a welcoming home. Also he had to get a job. He was ok money wise for a few months, but still needed a job.

Mike went to his old practice and they offered him to work with them trying to sell this new boots for kids that brakes their ankles, foot’s, etc… He didn’t like being the “war hero” trying to get sympathy for selling boots and decided he didn’t want to do that anymore. His old partner Jim, seemed like an odd man as well.

At the trail for Emily, everything went well until the question was asked to Mike if Danielle/Bob would make a good family for Emily and he said yes. This pissed off his lawyer Stephanie, but she got over that later. That night at the funeral he realized some new information, that he thinks it wasn’t the kid that slept with his wife, it was the father. He talked to Stephanie and she said he was going over their to confront him. She advised he call the cops and go home, he said he would. He called the cops, but went to the house anyways trying to settle the lawsuit with the father. Once the father realized Chloe was pregnant, Mike knew he did it, he knew he slept with Chloe and he knew he killed Sara. Then BOOM he got hit from the back from the man’s wife. They thought Mike was dead, and were talking about how he slept with her and his wife was the one that went to the house and didn’t help Chloe. Mike eventually got up and attacked the father (after the father was beating his wife for not helping his mistress who was pregnant with his child). The struggle went on and after basically knocking out the father, Mike was so weaken he crawled to the door hoping the police would show up. Right before he collapsed he saw Stephanie breaking the window and coming in to help him.

The next morning he woke up in the hospital, Stephanie was there with him. Sara’s husband Don came the thank him for finding the murderer. The Danielle and Bob came in to apologize and said they throughout the lawyers papers and wanted Emily to be with her real Dad, and that they wanted to be apart of Mike and Emily’s life. It seemed like a few weeks went by, and Mike and Emily were going on a trip to Connecticut to visit some of his war buddies. Stephanie and Mike were now dating, and right before the book was over they through one more twist. Danielle found a bottle of some very expensive Scotch, and Mike knew who’s it was. He went down to his old practice to confront his old partner Jim about sleeping with his wife. He admitted he tried and it didn’t work, and if it wasn’t for Emily, he would have knocked him out. But Jim’s new partner was all about reputation and since Mike did this in front of everyone he figured he would get fired.

Like I said this book was great, a lot more happens, but I don’t want to re-write the book.  Hope you liked it as much as I did and please leave comments!!


Shadow Creek: By Joy Fielding

I was asked when I gave my last book review to put my rating first, this way people can see the rating without reading the spoilers below. 


I would rate this book at 4.5/5, it was a easy read, some twists through out and it ended! Other books I have read left me hanging at the end wondering what happens next. It was almost a 5/5 but at some parts I got lost in the moment of where things were taking place, and the beginning was a little boring at first. 


This book was about a woman (Valarie), her daughter (Brianne), Val’s friends (Melissa and James) and Val’s ex husband’s fiance (Jennifer.) Jennifer was picking up Brianne to take her to a hotel/spa with her dad (Ethan). He was late like usual, and so Val volunteered to take them to the place. Things got out of control when they had to stay the night and share the hotel room with Jennifer and Brianne. During this time there were murders going around (mostly the killing of elderly people in the nearby area.) Brianne was a stuck up snob to her mom, Val has issues of being nice to the “slut” Jennifer (whom she caught cheating with her Husband in a flashback), and Melissa and James were there to help Val celebrate her 40th birthday. Things went haywire when Brianne sneaked out to meet up with her boyfriend and got caught naked in the open woods by a couple of park rangers. This caused a big fight between everyone at the hotel and they were asked to leave, (in a previous chapter, Val ran into an old friend from high school, Gary, and he said they could all stay with him down at the campsite, since they had a few tents to spare.) This is when Brianne went out again to meet her boyfriend, got lost in the woods after a car accident and eventually was found by the murderers. Throughout the book the author did do a great job of making me think Brianne was the killer, but she wasn’t. The killers were a young male and female that killed an elderly couple and were staying in their cottage for now. They brought Brianne back to the cottage, (The male (who used Multiple names) was dressed as a park ranger and helped her to the cottage, he also wanted to sleep with her). Nikki the female killer (again not her real name) wanted to kill her since she was jealous. Val, James, Melissa and Jennifer went on a search to find Brianne after they realized she was missing. The finally found the cottage, and were invited in by Nikki. When they realized they Nikki was lying and not who she said they were, the male came into the room (Brianne was locked in the trunk of the car) and was ready to kill all 4 of them. Val managed to get the gun from Nikki and shot the male dead. She swooped in and saved the day. Brianne swore she’d behave better and be nicer to her mom, Val and Jennifer at this point seemed to become good friends and Ethan never did show up. When they all got back home and dropped Jennifer off at Ethan’s apartment, they noticed one of Brianne’s friends car outside and finally realized why he didn’t show up that weekend, as he was sleeping with the friend. This is where the book ended, realizing that we knew what would happen next. 

Like I said it was 4.5/5 I think it could have been a little better, but it was fast to read and easy. 

Until next month….


Gone Girl: by Gillian Flynn


March is almost done and I have completed book 3 of 12. As some of you may know, I don’t read. I never been a huge fan of it, I mostly skimmed my way through books in High School and College. Now this year I wanted to start reading more. I started a fun book club called “Book Pub” where we read one book a month and discuss it over drinks at a local pub, bar, or drinking establishment.

This month we chose to read Gone Girl, by Gillian Flynn. (There will be spoilers below, so if you haven’t read the book please don’t read this.

When I first started reading the book I wasn’t hooked. The beginning was a little confusing at first and a little dry for me to get into. Once the main character, Amy, disappeared it got me hooked. The writing style of this book was every other chapter there it was either Amy talking or Nick talking. The first half of the book with Nick in present time and Amy’s section was her diary entries. In the beginning I was trying to figure out the answer to what happened to Amy and who was guilty. Every time I thought I had an answer a different twist came into play. Especially after the first half of the book was over to find out this entire story of the disappearance of Amy was all Amy’s plan to get back at her husband for cheating. This is when all my previous ideas I had were thrown out the window. Amy was a sick and devilish because of how long (a year) to plan this disappearance. This almost landed Nick in jail and most likely to be put on death row. That is until she saw Nick on the news, saying he wanted her to come home. Nick knew she planned this and wanted to kill her for real now, but more wanted her to go to prison for what she did. When she returned home she blamed the disappearance on being taken by a former boyfriend who raped her and kept her locked up until she was able to kill him. The old boyfriend, Desi, was innocent; it was just a way for Amy to get back home without getting caught. Nick was still trying to figure out a way to get her to slip up and to send her to jail. Finally she announced to him that she was pregnant ( I still am not sure if it was his child or not) but now he dropped his pursuit to put her in jail.

Then the book ended. I am not sure why but this book and the last book I read both ended without finding out what happened in the end. This book is still a mystery to me as I have no idea what would happen with Amy and Nick next. I guess it’s clever for the author to leave us hanging, but some closure would have been nice. We are meeting at Bad Bobby’s Bar on Thursday night to discuss it and I think it will be a great way to see what others think happened after the book was over.

Also at the meeting we will be picking out book number 4. My overall rating for this book would be…4.5 out of 5, the twists, turns, and excitement/mystery, is what I look for in a book and it held up. I first read bad reviews about this book and believe it’s because how it ended, but the overall book I will leave it at 4.5/5. 



Picking Up Strangers, by: Bob Morgan (Spoiler)

As some of you may know I started a book club…or BOOK PUB back towards the end of December. One of my many New Years Resolutions was to read more. The plan is to select a book to read each month and at the last Thursday of the month we can get together and discus the book at a different bar, tavern, or Pub! Last month we read The Shack (if you go back on my calendar to the last Thursday of January so can read that summary). This month we have selected a book called Picking Up Strangers, by: Bob Morgan. Below you will find my review on this book. SO IF YOU HAVEN’T READ IT YET…AND PLAN TO READ IT PLEASE STOP HERE AND COME BACK AFTER YOU HAVE READ IT.

picking up strangers

This was a book I was more interested in that the first Book Pub book. It involved one of the things I love to do and that’s Biking. This was about a guy, Camp Preston, who planned a summer bike trip from Cali to Cape Cod. Most of the time he was alone for miles on ends and even days without seeing human life. That was until he stopped at a Coffee Shop in Nebraska. It was a little town called Sageville. In the coffee shop, a beautiful woman stopped to talk to him about his bike, his trip and other random questions. She was fascinated that he was biking such a long distance. Clara Scott was her name, a typical farm girl who had her life drawn out for her, where she would go to college, her job and where she would work. She wasn’t a huge fan of it, but that all changed when her parents died of Carbon Monoxide poisoning 4 months prior.

She decided that that she needed an adventure and after inviting Camp to stay at her place after the next day she decided to join him on his adventure. She was also an avid bike rider, but never rode across the country before, plus she kind of had a thing for Camp. She left her job without any reason, and hit the road on the long adventure. Her “boyfriend” or so he called him self, Darren Sykes, thought she was taken against her will. He was a overweight computer geek and hacked into her hard drive and email accounts to locate her. This begun his chase to find her.

After days of biking across Iowa, which part of that was through RAGBRAI. (Registers Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa, something I participate in every year). The first night of RAGBRAI Camp finally made his move on Clara, which she wondered why it took her so long, but in the end she was amazed by his performance in bed and they basically did that every night after that.

In the last chapter, Darren finally catches up with them in Independence, IA. He stole his fathers gun, and was going to intimidate Clara and Camp to get Clara to go back to Sageville with him. He threaten to shoot Camp if she wouldn’t go….AND he also found out while searching her hard drive, the she had a play in her parents death. I guess Clara wanted to get out of her crummy life and killed her parents for her inheritance of 4 million dollars. She wasn’t sure how Darren found out, and tried to play it off like she didn’t do it but ended up going with Darren. Darren told her he would tell the cops if she married him and then in December they could get a divorce and split her inheritance and go their separate way. Camp called the cops but after they caught up to Darren and Clara they told the cops there was no gun and that Darren was helping Clara. This made the cops investigate Camp, who still agreed to disagree with the cops that there was a gun. The officers told him the FBI was coming to talk to him, Camp asked if he could go get lunch. The officer let him and as he left he never turned back. He continued his ride East.  THE END

Now, this is where I was a little bummed. It kind of ended with no explanation on what actually happened with Darren and Clara, did the cops ever track down Camp to question him more or even if Clara and Camp ever met up again? I was hoping for a better ending, but the overall book I’d give a 4 our of 5. Mainly because it involved biking, RAGBRAI and mystery. It could have been a 5 out of 5 with a better ending and if the book wasn’t 9 LONG chapters and broke it down to like 18-25 smaller chapters. All in all it was a fast and easy read. I enjoyed it and can’t wait to pick the next book. If you have any good suggestions on a book please leave a comment below!


Sunday…Fun Day?….Sort of

I woke up this morning, and after watching some TV with the wife headed to the gym to make sure I got my Sunday workout in. I ran a quick 2 miles and then lifted my shoulder and back. It was a pretty intense workout, but had to cut it short. I was planning to swim afterwards but the lanes were full and I had to get into work. Yes…Work…on a Sunday. You might think it sucks, but I guess I should mention I am taking youth to a Iowa Hawkeyes Wrestling Meet. 

Another topic I am pondering… This weekend I had a dream, I won’t mention details as it could be a spoiler, but basically I got the idea of a story line for a book I might just write. It sounded like a fun and mystery fictional book. So that got me curious and I looked up some websites on the basics of writing a book, steps to take and etc… I also found a book for FREE on Kindle that has a guide to writing a book. So I think I might try and write a book, mainly to have family and friends read, but then maybe publish it if it turns out to be any good. I don’t have the strongest writing ability, but with proofreaders and guides I think i’ll manage. Plus one thing I do got is a very creative mind and wild imagination!

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