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Top Five Tuesday

This is just a quick and simple Top Five list.

Top Five PARTYbRides I am looking forward to this year.

4. Bud Ride
1. Any and all Bicycle Rides!!!


Here we go!!



My first Triathlon! (Pigman in Palo, IA)

On June 2nd, I woke up at 5:00 am, feeling motivated, determined, focused and ready to kick some Triathlon ass! I got my gear ready to go as I was waiting for my ride, aired up my bike tires, double checked my bag, got my wet-suit and had a bowl of yogurt with a bananas and some water. As we arrived at the beach, some nerves started to kick in, but once I got my bike to the designated area I was focused and ready for the event. I got all my stuff sorted out and ready to go, put on the wet-suit and headed for the water. I saw everyone that was waiting in the water, so I got in and it was a lot warmer than I thought it would be. 

Swim: As I looked into the distance of the loop I had to swim around I felt I was unprepared. I was like shit, this will take me at-least 15-20 minutes to do. My average time was 10:45-11:30 for the swim trials. When I was up to go I forgot about everything, got focused and ready to complete the swim part. As I was swimming, It felt like it was taking forever. I felt as if I was close to the loop, but was still further away than I thought. I just kept moving forward. When I got to the end of the swim, I stood up to run, but the water was still too high to I stumbled a little bit getting out, but got out and ran to my bike.




Swim-Bike Transition: It could have been quicker, but took a bit to get wet-suit off, but I got it off, slid my bike sandals on while I was putting my jerseys on (which got stuck to my wet skin and took me a bit to get it completely on), I put on helmet and I was ready to go. I had a cycling cap I accidentally put in my bag so I said forget it, didn’t really need it anyways. 



Biking: This part came easy, or so I thought. I was cruising for the first 5 miles. We had 2 loops to go around. The first loop I got to averaging about 23-25 mph, but when I turned the loop the head wind was so bad I dropped to 13-14 mph. I had about 5-6 miles in the bad head wind and up a hill. The second loop seemed to be forever away. I got to the loop turned around and was glad to have Mr. Wind back at my back. Especially since I had to go up another hill. I got my average back to 17 mph and could have gone faster, but I was thinking that I still had to run, and didn’t want to have to stop while running cause my legs were tired. I got to the transition area…STARVING!


Bike-Run Transition: I got my bike put back on the rack, helmet off, and sandals off at the same time. Quickly put on my socks and shoes, but was very hungry so I grabbed a granola bar out of my bag to give me a boost of energy.  Then I was off for the final loop…

Running: I started running up a small slant, and was like oh shit, my legs are killing me, but my goal was to go, NOT STOP and finish strong. I got to mile one and was like only 2.1 left to go, then hit the loop and picked up my speed a bit. Passed mile 2 and said to myself…”You only got 1.1 miles left, kick ass, don’t stop..NO PAIN NO GAIN” I kept repeating to myself. As I rounded the last corner, saw the finish line I picked up my speed a bit and cross the FINISH LINE! I didn’t stop, I completed all events and am very proud of my accomplishment! 





Well looking up the full results: Overall Results I finished 317/612… Overall Male Results 246/392…Overall Division (Male 25-29) 16/27, Swim Time 11:30, Bike Time 53:29 (17 mph average), Run Time 29:04 (9:21 average). Now I have a goal and a time to beat next year!





One More Night….

So, after signing up for the triathlon back in late December. The time as come, the PIGMAN TRIATHLON is tomorrow at 7:00 AM. I have been training since the beginning on January. I am very pumped, or in a quote from Armageddon, “I got that “excited/scared” feeling. Like 98% excited, 2% scared. Or maybe it’s more – It could be two – it could be 98% scared, 2% excited but that’s what makes it so intense!” I have been waiting for this day for over 5 months. I biked a lot (last year I had 2500 miles in by the end of the year) but I barley swam (mostly for fun) and running..HA I don’t run (or I guess I should say 5 months ago I didn’t run). 

Looking back on it all I think it has gotten me more into my workouts. I actually enjoy running now, and am looking to sign up for some 5K runs (starting out slow) but there is a Duathalon in Aug (Run/Bike/Run) so I might sign up for that. 

Some Stats I am impressed with…

Jan 7th- Ran a mile in 9:11 then on May 18th I ran a mile in 7:30 
Jan Weight was at 200 and am down to an average of 186 (looking to be at 170 in the next month)
Swimming starting in the beginning of the year, 10 laps was at 11:21 and quickest was at 10:54 (could be better, but will always improve)

My training has been worth it, even with all the set backs (being sick the first week of January, spraining my knee/ankle and was out about 3 weeks and the damn weather from keeping me form getting more cycling miles outside), I think…no I KNOW I am 110% ready for this race! 

Number 1 Goal: FINISH THE RACE without STOPPING!!

Wish me luck All!
The One….The Only….BAD BOBBY


18ish Days away

I have about 18 days, 12 hours, 53 minutes and 30 seconds until my first triathlon. I think my training is going great. I am down to 186 lbs (200 at the beginning of 2013, 210 beginning of 2012, and 229 beginning of 2011) The other day I did a mile run at the gym before my cycling class and got one of my fastest times of 7 minutes and 30 seconds. Although the other day I swam and added some seconds to my time. (10:54 to 11:21) I have decided I am going to rent a Wetsuit and Plan to go rent one few days before the TRI so I can get a test swim in. I am getting pretty excited to do this and hopefully I stick with it and do some more. I found a Duathlon in Amana, IA (run bike run) in August I might do. I signed up to do the 100 mile granGable ride, where at the end Dan Gable puts a Gold Medal around your neck, cool…very cool! 

Plus RAGBRAI is coming up soon a week of biking, partying and the Ultimate Bad Bobby Experience! 


New Colors!!


As you may noticey Bad Bobby stuff has been red and black….Well…here is the new and improved BB Koozies and Bracelets…Iowa Hawkeyes colors!


Friday Flashback!

Back in April, 2012, I went with some friends to a Cedar Rapids Titans Arena Football game. The game was fun to watch, the stadium however was not fit for the game. The kicker kept hitting the ceiling almost on the field goal attempts. Shortly before halftime they cheerleaders came through out section looking for 2 dancers for a dance off. My friends were egging me on to do it, but I was only 1 beer in and working on my second. The wife was off getting number 3. After the peer pressure I decided to do it and down my 2nd beer on my way to the entrance. I met my competitor and he kind of looked like a dancer already. I wasn’t worried though…I’m BAD BOBBY! Anyways, the guy asked if he could take his shirt of during the dance, they agreed if that was all he took off. I knew I wasn’t taking mine off and so I had to think of something to top that. I was hoping for a Michael Jackson song, but got just a random song. I did however bust out some Billie Jean moves, but that isn’t what won it for me. See I was dancing to the stands where my friends were at. The other guy went to the other half to sane for them. The announcer, Kathryn Foxx radio lady, told em to go to that side. I turned around and saw the guy with his legs wide and dancing, so I said screw that I ran, dove underneath his legs and jumped up to dance right in front of him. That is about the time the crown went nuts. He did then took his shirt off, but that wasn’t beating my under the legs move. I do have a video of it, and am trying to get a better video of it. But here is the picture of the end, raising the hand of the winner! Image

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