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Workout Wednesday


This week starts year two for Team Aspen Gym Rats. Last year our of 3000+ teams we came in 19th for activity hours. This year we gained a few members and look to crush that goal. Now the website was a lot better last year, still a few bugs to fix, but ready to track all those active minutes!

Let’s Go Rats!!


Well its the week of the Triathalon

This coming Sunday I will be participating in my very first triathlon. I started my official training for it back in the second week of January. I would like to think I have come a long ways.

First of all…I don’t run nor am I considered a runner. I ran the CR Flood Run back in 2009 (7miles) but that was a half ass run and walk combo. Before that I only ran the mile in middle school gym class, or if I had to run laps in high school sports. I was thinking back to Jan when I started training. I ran one mile on the treadmill to get my time. It was 9:30 …last week I ran a mile in 7:30, a whole 2 minutes faster. Not that I can average that for 3.1 miles but its taking me 26:35 to run 3.1 miles. So I think I have vastly improved my running ability since January. So much that I don’t mind running anymore and will most likely start signing up for some 5k runs Herr and there.

Swimming….uh well swimming is swimming. In January I was like running will suck, I will do great in the bike and swimming well I can do that easily…WRONG-O! I can’t swim as fast or as good as I thought I could.  Funny thing is back in high school swim class the teacher told me I was fast and should go out for swimming…I guess since I haven’t swam laps since high school my speed and decreased. I think I got it down now though …but I don’t think I could go longer than the distance of .5k in this sprint triathlon.

Biking I have been doing for years not to worried about that since I also been doing cycling classes all winter at least 2-4 a week.

I am about 90% prepared going to go rent a wetsuit today. I will be 110% ready by Sunday and ready to not kick everyone’s ass (cause I know that’s a dream) but the goal is to finish without stopping or doing anything stupid!



Backwards Triathlon…Also the 40 day Challenge

This morning I decided to do a longer version of my backward Tri’s. Usually in the past times I have done it I would run 2 miles, bike for 30 minutes and then swim some laps. This time I ran a 5K (3.1 miles), then I went into the Cycling Room and did 45 minutes of fast-pace sprinting on the bike and followed that by a quick 10 lap swim (.5K). The running time I finished in 26:35 for the 3.1 mile run and the .5K swim I got done in 10:53. I was OK with my times, when I was swimming I felt faster and thought I’d be closer to 10 minutes or under, but under 11 was fine with me. 


Tomorrow starts the 40 day countdown to the triathlon. I am hoping to be down a few more pounds by then, so I am doing a 40 day challenge. I am going to give up bread (so sandwiches, buns, pancakes  waffles, bagels, etc..) and I am also going to give up the fried food for the next 40 days. It will be my version of “lent” I guess. I love bread and fried food so this will be a challenge, but hopefully the results will be great. The only issue I might have will be those darn drunken nights out of ordering pizza at 2 am, or getting fried green beans. I think I will be able to manage, but just in case wish me luck. 


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