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Top Five Tuesday

This is just a quick and simple Top Five list.

Top Five PARTYbRides I am looking forward to this year.

4. Bud Ride
1. Any and all Bicycle Rides!!!






I have always dreams of the perfect job. And my title would be “Bicycle Writer” I would love to have a job to be able to bike around and write about it, write short stories, write a novel, write a biography and even write a few status updates. I didn’t go to school for creative writing, but I can be pretty creative. I have some goals this summer to do some longer bicycle rides, one I hope to do is a bicycle rice to the Windy City. It would be fun to leave early Wednesday morning and arrive around later afternoon/evening on Friday. Have my wife meet me there, stay for the weekend and drive back. I would map out the trip out to find some camping spots. By myself a B.O.B. trailer to carrying my stuff, although pack light.

I was in a day-dreaming mode at the gym today and thought I would blog it.


Week of the 5K’s

This past week I have ran more miles than ever. From Sunday to Saturday I ran 4- 5K’s (28:37 to my quickest one of 25:52) and I ran 1 Mile before cycling class on Saturday (7:26 not my fastest, but one of them). Total of 10 miles in a week and my legs felt pretty solid. With the weather warming up now (hopefully for good) I am looking to get some miles outside in because everyone can admit treadmills are BORING! I plan to in the next few months to head out to Palo, IA where the Triathlon is and do some practice runs to work on the course and get my times quicker. Last year I had a goal to finish my first Triathlon in under 2 hours, which I did at 1:40:13 as the official time. Now I got a time to beat… 

Swimming:11:29 (like to get it under 11 minutes)
Transition 1: 3:40 (think it took me too much time to get the damn wet-suit off, so plan to practice this to get it under 3 minutes…one thing to remember this year is after I swim to run to bike even though I am tried I need to hustle more)
Bike: 53:28 (I know I can get this time under, I didn’t factor in the wind and I went slower than I usually can so I could save my legs for the run, but after doing it I felt I could have gone faster)
Transition 2: 2:31 (I was pretty quick at this, but still think I could be a little faster ad getting the shoes changed.)
Run: 29:03 (I think now that I have gotten a time under 26 minutes I can get this down as well. My overall pace was kind of slow and I think the last miles I could have went balls to the wall and just finished. 

I think if I can shaved off the seconds to minutes I have above I would like to try and finish under 1:30:00. One thing I will consider is my bike placement, I will try to have my stuff on the outside for let fight with the crowd of getting my bike. Maybe have it closer to the swimming part since it took me longer to get to my bike last year.

I am ready for this year, have better and bigger goals to accomplish! 





RAGBRAI 2014 (Preparation Begins)


Well, the RAGBRAI ( ROUTE for 2014 was announce on Saturday. I had a guess of it being north, and I did guess Emmetsburg and Waverly, BUT that was all I had right. 1 key thing I like to hear *2nd Flattest route* Also, I think the day from Forest City to Mason City will be a AWESOME DAY! It’s the shortest day on RAGBRAI I have ever done…36 miles. I know it’s not a challenge to ride 36 miles, but that;s why I train for miles before RAGBRAI. I usually get in minimum 1000 miles before RAGBRAI, but to me RAGBRAI is not a race, not a competition and I don’t feel I am there to prove anything…it’s my VACATION, which means, biking, drinking, biking, drinking, camping, drinking, dancing and oh…some drinking as well 😀  It’s probably the best week I look forward to every year, no e-mails, no work, and to quote Bob Marley I’ll be “Singin’: “Don’t worry about a thing, ‘Cause every little thing gonna be all right.”” The only thing I miss when I am on RAGBRAI is my wife and my 2 dogs 🙂 

This year will also be my 10th years of doing RAGBRAI and I am excited. I have met a lot of fun people on RAGBRAI (Team Black Betty, Team Fohty, Team Xtreme, and many more) But am glad to call my self a Boozehound from Team Boozehound! We like to Ride Right and Party All Night! 

Most of all it’s fun to hang out with the great team! 






This year I feel that I need to kick it not into high gear, but EXPLOSIVE gear. I have done it again…NOT sure how it happens (would like to think it’s muscle) but I was 200 in Jan-2013 and now Jan-2014 I am at 204. Funny thing is I was down to like 183 lbs back in July. My goal is to get to 170 lbs before my 2nd Triathlon. I have taken some eating habits as necessary steps for this goal. 1st. I have continued to give up sweets (candy, cookies, cake, etc…) the only sweet all of last year I allowed myself was 3 things…A. Frozen Yogurt (with fruit on top), B. Plain Vanilla ice cream, and C. Dark Chocolate covered almonds. This year I have continued this trend, except I am adding PIE back to the table, because honestly, last year on RAGBRAI I didn’t have one slice and usually I have 1-2 per day. So…PIE is back on the table, but everything else I will continue to go without. 2nd. I have decided to go ALL year without fried food (tenderloins, fries, fried green beans, fries pickles, fried..ANYTHING) **Except I don’t count chips, some people say those are fried too…but I mean more like deep battered and fried food or aka BAR food** It has only been 21 days, and so far so good on the fried food, but the struggle will be when the BAR HOP Bicycle Part Rides start happening… Well, got off topic there, but the 3rd thing I will do to get more out of my exercise is by adding Two-A-Days to my workout routine. I have started a new lifting schedule of Mon/Wed I do Upper Body Lifts and Tues/Thurs I do lower body lifts. I am liking the routine. The Friday I do my cycling class with an instructor that KICKS MY ASS each time, Saturday I do Cycling class or just cardio, and Sundays I try to get in a Triathlon at the gym (Run/Bike/Swim). Now I will be adding some more running and swimming to my schedule. I will go back Tues/Thurs to run some at least 1-3 miles and then swim 10-15-20 laps. Wednesday I will go to Cycling class and get my ass kicked some more! I think the added cardio will help.

Overall the number 1 thing I need to do is Binge….Eating. I have a small problem when I am home, bored, watching TV of eating pointless snacks (some maybe healthy) but I eat 2-3 snacks mainly because I am bored. THIS IS A MUST QUIT for me…I need to stop this and get into finding an activity to do when I get snack hungry. (Advice? Tips? Comments? are always welcome!)  

HAHA I Saw this…Maybe this should be my Motivation Poster! 



Triathlon Training

Well, another Sunday…another day of TRI Training Day! So I usually do a Backwards Tri (Run/Bike/Swim) I went upstairs to run, finished another 5k (without stopping) time was 27:54. Biggest improvement since 2013. Last year at this time I could run 1-2 miles and be tired, and not able to run a full 5k without stopping. After that went to bike room to bike, just did 40 minutes. The bad part is I went to the pool and ALL lanes were double full, so I didn’t get to swim. OH WELL Was a good workout and just glad I can continue to run at a decent speed.

If you have any training tips, comments appreciated! image


RAGBRAI is less than a week!!

I have been out of the Blogging world for a while, RAGBRAI is coming! Image


Ready to party and bike with some of these crazy guys again!! The Boozehounders!!! 

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