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Throwback Thursday (The First Date)

Way way back in January of 2004 I asked out a girl to watch a few movies (Old School and Halloween H2O)

I thought the date went well, however she did not as I was “blocked” on AOL Instant Messenger, says that’s correct the good ole AIM. Thankfully I was determined I continued pursing this girl, there were some highs (cruising the ave) and lows (declining prom) during the chance. However my will and determination paid off in 6 months on July 7th 2004 when this so girl decided to give ME a chance, happily dated until July 7th 2007, that was the day she said Yes to the diamond ring. Few years later on 9/19/09 she became my wife. And like a fairy tale we ate living happily ever after.

I may not reach my weight loss goals and have messed up plenty of goals/resolutions I have had in my life, I am just thankful I didn’t stop pursuing this girl. She was the best girl friend and fiancé and now is the best wife in the world as well as the greatest mother.

Happy 12 Year, “First Date” Anniversary Melissa!



Work Out Wednesday (Amana Freezer)


Last yea I had a goal to run a 5k race each month. Jan 24th I ran the Amana Freezer 5k. I got a decent time for being in the cold, but it was actually decent weather out.

This year I’ll be signing up for this race again, and if you are looking to do a 5k race in January I’d recommend this race. Time to beat is 25:54


Now I just need to work on my Race Theme. Last year I did a different Superhero for every race.


Week of the 5K’s

This past week I have ran more miles than ever. From Sunday to Saturday I ran 4- 5K’s (28:37 to my quickest one of 25:52) and I ran 1 Mile before cycling class on Saturday (7:26 not my fastest, but one of them). Total of 10 miles in a week and my legs felt pretty solid. With the weather warming up now (hopefully for good) I am looking to get some miles outside in because everyone can admit treadmills are BORING! I plan to in the next few months to head out to Palo, IA where the Triathlon is and do some practice runs to work on the course and get my times quicker. Last year I had a goal to finish my first Triathlon in under 2 hours, which I did at 1:40:13 as the official time. Now I got a time to beat… 

Swimming:11:29 (like to get it under 11 minutes)
Transition 1: 3:40 (think it took me too much time to get the damn wet-suit off, so plan to practice this to get it under 3 minutes…one thing to remember this year is after I swim to run to bike even though I am tried I need to hustle more)
Bike: 53:28 (I know I can get this time under, I didn’t factor in the wind and I went slower than I usually can so I could save my legs for the run, but after doing it I felt I could have gone faster)
Transition 2: 2:31 (I was pretty quick at this, but still think I could be a little faster ad getting the shoes changed.)
Run: 29:03 (I think now that I have gotten a time under 26 minutes I can get this down as well. My overall pace was kind of slow and I think the last miles I could have went balls to the wall and just finished. 

I think if I can shaved off the seconds to minutes I have above I would like to try and finish under 1:30:00. One thing I will consider is my bike placement, I will try to have my stuff on the outside for let fight with the crowd of getting my bike. Maybe have it closer to the swimming part since it took me longer to get to my bike last year.

I am ready for this year, have better and bigger goals to accomplish! 





The L.A. 5K

So I will be missing out on my workout routine when we go to L.A. this week. We are going Thursday-Sunday. BUT as I like to make sure there is a workout room at the hotel. They do have a treadmill, so the plan is to either run 3.1 miles on the Treadmill or maybe find a running spot outside to run a 5k for my Triathlon Training Purposes… Also being by the ocean, I will definitively get a swim in the outdoors water! But I will miss out on my Thursday lifts, Fri/Sat cycling classes and my Backwards Tri Training on Sunday, but I am determined to make sure I get some good cardio in while i’m on vacation! Maybe ever have to stop by Muscle Beach for a quick workout LOL



New Workout…

This week I started a new workout routine. It’s a 4 day split, 2 days Upper Body and 2 days Lower Body. Then on the weekends I will focus mainly on cardio (run, bike, swim etc…) Today I did some squats, lunges and dead-lifts (haven’t done those in a looooong time. Safe to say my legs are burning still and will be burning tomorrow. I have also been counting my miles running, if I can do at-least a mile a day (more on the weekends) I am hoping to have over 200 miles by my second Triathlon (June 1st). I added a new page to my for mile tracker. 



Back At It!

So…back on July 6th I burned my hand pretty bad. I couldn’t squeeze, lift, touch or anything with my right dominant hand. So I slacked from the gym, and maybe gained a few pounds. I was able to manage during RAGBRAI without using my right hand, but now its back to the gym…Full Force. I got my lifting gloves out to help with the tender parts of my hand, but have to say no pain!

Usually this time after RAGBRAI is over I do some biking, go to the gym but then towards middle of fall and beginning of winter I slack off. Not this year, I had a goal of 170 lbs by July. I did not meet that goal, so the new goal is 170 by the end of the year!

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