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Workout Wednesday


This week starts year two for Team Aspen Gym Rats. Last year our of 3000+ teams we came in 19th for activity hours. This year we gained a few members and look to crush that goal. Now the website was a lot better last year, still a few bugs to fix, but ready to track all those active minutes!

Let’s Go Rats!!


Fun Fact Friday

On Fridays my post is gonna be some random fun fact. Now while I was searching different facts I came across this…

“Banging your head against a wall burns 150 calories an hour.”

Take it as it is, but when you are stressed, bored at work, need a quick painful workout go bang you head againt the wall for an hour. This will help equal out the calories you took in by eating a candy bar or having a pop. So jsut think every time you are standing by a wall doing nothing you could be buying calories!



Work Out Wednesday (Amana Freezer)


Last yea I had a goal to run a 5k race each month. Jan 24th I ran the Amana Freezer 5k. I got a decent time for being in the cold, but it was actually decent weather out.

This year I’ll be signing up for this race again, and if you are looking to do a 5k race in January I’d recommend this race. Time to beat is 25:54


Now I just need to work on my Race Theme. Last year I did a different Superhero for every race.


New Workout…

This week I started a new workout routine. It’s a 4 day split, 2 days Upper Body and 2 days Lower Body. Then on the weekends I will focus mainly on cardio (run, bike, swim etc…) Today I did some squats, lunges and dead-lifts (haven’t done those in a looooong time. Safe to say my legs are burning still and will be burning tomorrow. I have also been counting my miles running, if I can do at-least a mile a day (more on the weekends) I am hoping to have over 200 miles by my second Triathlon (June 1st). I added a new page to my for mile tracker. 



Waking up in the high 80’s (on the Scale, not temperature)

Today is Monday, which means it’s usually the day I weigh in. Usually some Monday’s I like to go in the afternoon to do more cardio, sit in the sauna to sweat some water weight out and try to make sure I can shed a few more pounds. Well my weight has been a struggle over the past years…
2011- Beginning of the year I was 229 and by that July I was at 185
2012- Beginning of the year I was up to 210 and by that July I was at 180
2013- Started this year at 200…(so i keep going up in the fall months. My goal by the Triathlon (26 days away) was to be in the 170’s range. I don’t think I will be meeting that goal. 

BUT this morning I did make it to 188 pounds, which got me out of that stuck in a rut point of being in the 90’s most of the year. What been handy is having something to train for to keep me from going back up. Right now I will be searching for some events (biking, running, etc…) in like late October/November so I have something to keep me busy during the fall months where I usually seem to go back up. 



Yesterday, I decided to get the bike off the trainer, or “coat rack” and take it our for a ride. It was chilly at 8 O’clock in the morning, but it was time to get some miles on the bike. Last year the weather was so nice at this time I think I had a few hundred miles in by the end of March. Yesterday I got in a good 27 miles bike ride. 4 of us took the trail north to find a restaurant to get breakfast. We had one in mind, but when we got there it was closed for Easter. We headed back south on the trail to find another place to eat. We found a breakfast buffet, I probably ate more than I should have (especially since I had to go to a Easter Lunch that was at a different buffet). We headed on the trail south afterwards, the sun was starting to show, wind was at the back so it was a pretty easy ride to Jerseys to take a break and get some water. After all was said and done got in 27 miles, which puts me only at 40 for the year! I am way behind on miles since last year I finished with 2500-2600 miles. I have a feeling I will get in a lot this year, but might be splitting my cycling time with outdoor running time.ImageI have the Triathlon on June 2nd, but I’d like to get more into running and do some 5K runs throughout the summer as well. I am also back to doing my workouts in the morning. It’s a bitch at times to get up at 4:30, but I would rather get that done and over with so I can use my afternoon/evenings for outside bike rides, runs and also just to enjoy my night without the trip to the gym. Since March is over I will also get back to lifting as I did a Cardio March month, where i focused mostly on cardio. One thing I do is try and figure out what kind of lifts I am going to do each day. My new plan is to set a up at body part for the day of the week and that’s what I lift. EX: Tuesdays-Legs, Thursdays-Arms, Saturdays-Chest and Sundays-Shoulders/Back. This way I can do different lifts to confuse my muscles and keep it different each time. (oh an abs will be thrown in there most days) 


Exhausting Cycling Class…

Tonight was again one of my favorite cycling classes. The instructor pushes you to the limit and make you work you ass off. It’s a 45 minute class, which before hand I ran 2 miles and did a 10 minute warm up on the bike before class started. We go through about 7-8 tracks and each song is a different work out. It helps knowing during the song you know what is coming up next. Plus she said next week Wednesday we will be doing the same class so us all tonight should be ready to kick ass next week. 

Keep on Biking!!! 

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