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Throwback Thursday


This year, I was excited when I saw who the Dolphins were playing. I was thinking, Hey looks like we will be in St Louis again to play the Rams. I was thinking my buddy Jordan would have to go to STL again. NOPE! The damn Rams had to make this the year to move back to LA. Oh well, the above photo of Jordan and I at our first NFL game. Dolphins won 16-12. This was back in 2008. It was a great game, we had lots of fans both Miami and St Louis digging the Braveheart Face paint style.

Go Fins!!!


Friday Flashback

This Friday it’s going back to November of 2008. My buddy Jordan and I hit the road at 3 AM to go see our first MIAMI DOLPHINS game live in St. Louis. We brought our homemade Phin Hard Hats (made by Jordan) and the orange face-paint. We were trying to decide on what to do so we went with the Braveheart theme. We had a lot of PHIN fans stop us on the way to get pictures with us. This gave us the good idea that we need to make some dolphins colored kilts, and do full body paint this fall when we head to Cleveland for the Dolphins vs Browns game on my Birthday weekend.

New Year                    New Era                  GO PHINS!!!Image


Workouts, Coaches, Basketball and…Miss America

Well Yesterday was a LONG day. I had a fundraiser for my work that is a long tiring event, the positives from the event were

1. We made money for the program
2. I got to get my photo with Kirk Ferentz (Also got to have a conversation, where usually there isn’t a lot of time for conversation. 
3. I got to meet and get my photo with Miss America. 



Then after the event was over I got to quickly clean up and get back home to watch the last half of the Iowa Basketball game, which they WON and now will be playing in the NIT Championship! I know it’s only the NIT, but winning the NIT is better than losing first round in the NCAA Tournament…GO HAWKS!!

Best part of it all is that even though I go to to bed LATE, I was still able to get up at 4:30 AM for my workout. I am getting back into the groove of my AM workouts which are very nice so I can have time at home to relax with my wife, my dog, watch TV, or like tonight go back to the gym for a second workout with the Cycling Class!

Only regret of last night is that I didn’t give Miss America a “I Partied With BAD BOBBY” Bracelet! LOL

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