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Music Monday- We are the World

Today’s music Monday song will be the classic song, We Are The World. This is such a great song, if only people would follow the lyrics

” We are the world, we are the children
We are the ones who make a brighter day
So let’s start giving
There’s a choice we’re making
We’re saving our own lives
It’s true we’ll make a better day
Just you and me”

We need to start giving more, we need to start caring more about the future. We all need to make better choices, help teach children to save this planet we live on. Children are the future, and we have the choice as parents, grandparents, and Earthlings to make a difference in their life. So start being positive, find new ways to give back, volunteering can go a long way!


Terra Nova (some spoilers)



If you are thinking of watching this show (short 1 season only) my rating would be 3.5/5, only because it was cancelled, if it would have gone longer, I would have given it a higher rating. It was a decent try at a new series and I enjoyed it. If you plan to watch it…DON’T read below. 

Back in 2011, a new series started up (only to last one season though). I watched it each week back when it first came out. A few weeks ago I noticed it was on Netflix and I decided to re-watch the 13 episode season. Unfortunately for the critics out there that were comparing this to a Jurassic Park/LOST spin off mash up…BUT I however did enjoy the short season. It was different than all the “usual” crime shows they have out there. The story was good, not great, but most TV series the first season can be a little dry. I feel that after they got stuck in the past with no communication to the future that the story could have gotten a lot better. I am sure they would have found a way to contact the future. I think new TV shows should be given a 2-season minimum to see how the first season goes, and then after a cliff hanger in the first, have the 2nd season and see how it goes from there. I think it was a fun new season with dinosaurs, making it in the “wild” and would have had great potential to get better. 


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