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My Goal

Back in 2012 I had my hair the longest I have ever got. Total of 11 inches for a donation. It felt good to do, and that why I keep growing my hair out. This year last time it was measures I was currently at 8 inches. 10 inches is what’s needed to donate, my goal 15 inches before I donate again.

Now, everyone can agree cancer sucks, but when it happens to little kids that is just something that always makes me sad. Kids shouldn’t going through chemo, being in pain, losing their hair etc. They should be outside playing, reading or creating their own stories, coloring and overall enjoying life.

Ever since the first time I donated my hair, I decided every few years to regrow it out to donate. This year I have a small challenge, but might be hard to do. Kids going through chemo and losing their hair might be a scary time, might be something they don’t want to do. I have always wanted to find a little girl that due to cancer will be losing her hair. I’d love to pay to take her to a nice salon to have her hair cut right. Also at this time I would cut mine all the way off to donate as well. It would be a way of showing that if a wig would be needed I’m there to help. I just feel it would be a heart warming experience. My hope is that I would never have to do this, I wish cancer and diseases for little kids never happened. Whether this would become reality or not, I will always be growing and donating my hair. I know a lot of people don’t like long hair on guys, I like it on myself knowing that in the end it will go to a good cause.

Below is my before and after for my first donation, and will be excited to do again most likely in August.




Something Saturday’s

As I have mentioned before I am trying to run outside once a week, for at least 3 miles. Today though was fricken cold, I made it two miles before I felt like I was gonna freeze my balls off….literally.

I found this saying today:


This is 100% through, I thought I dressed appropriately, but did not. I got some warm running tips and will use those ideas next time. Last year I ran at least 1 5k a month and throughout that entire year today was my coldest run I have ever done. I believe it was 9° outside with a “RealFeal” of -13°. So it was cold.

Next time the layers of clothing will be better thought out.


Work Out Wednesday (Amana Freezer)


Last yea I had a goal to run a 5k race each month. Jan 24th I ran the Amana Freezer 5k. I got a decent time for being in the cold, but it was actually decent weather out.

This year I’ll be signing up for this race again, and if you are looking to do a 5k race in January I’d recommend this race. Time to beat is 25:54


Now I just need to work on my Race Theme. Last year I did a different Superhero for every race.


2016 Begins and Resolutions

2016 has arrived, reached some goals last year, but not as many as I thought I would reach. I did run 303 miles for the year compared to 200 I did all of 2014. I did race at least 1 5k event each month with a few months doing 2-3 5k’s and even did a 10k race. I completed my 3rd Triathlon, which I got a better time but not by much.

2016 Goals or Resolutions whatever you want to call it.
1. No More Sweets! (Cake, Cookies, Candy etc… All except plain vanilla ice cream or FroYo, but any other sweet,  doughnuts, cinnamon rolls all gone. I gave them from all of 2013 until Sept 2014, and did fine.
2. Run another 5k event each month, same as last year but to add too it, I will run 1 5k run outside each week to make it more fun.
3. I’ll be looking to sign up for my first ever Half Marathon, not sure when or where so if you have  suggestions let me know.
4. I would like to get more into the blogging world so going to get back on track of updating my WWW.BADBOBBY.NET website.

Other than that, not a whole lot of new things just to stay living positively, stress free and just overall always having fun in  life.



Last year I didn’t really have a running goal, until I go towards September and realized I still needed like 50 miles to reach 200. I completed that for 2014 of reaching 200 miles.

I don’t really have a goal this year, I have said over 200, and maybe even over 400.

I am keeping track of my miles again, and for January, I have 41 miles. That is 20% of what I did last year and that’s only 1 month.

Time to keep it up!






I have always dreams of the perfect job. And my title would be “Bicycle Writer” I would love to have a job to be able to bike around and write about it, write short stories, write a novel, write a biography and even write a few status updates. I didn’t go to school for creative writing, but I can be pretty creative. I have some goals this summer to do some longer bicycle rides, one I hope to do is a bicycle rice to the Windy City. It would be fun to leave early Wednesday morning and arrive around later afternoon/evening on Friday. Have my wife meet me there, stay for the weekend and drive back. I would map out the trip out to find some camping spots. By myself a B.O.B. trailer to carrying my stuff, although pack light.

I was in a day-dreaming mode at the gym today and thought I would blog it.


Week of the 5K’s

This past week I have ran more miles than ever. From Sunday to Saturday I ran 4- 5K’s (28:37 to my quickest one of 25:52) and I ran 1 Mile before cycling class on Saturday (7:26 not my fastest, but one of them). Total of 10 miles in a week and my legs felt pretty solid. With the weather warming up now (hopefully for good) I am looking to get some miles outside in because everyone can admit treadmills are BORING! I plan to in the next few months to head out to Palo, IA where the Triathlon is and do some practice runs to work on the course and get my times quicker. Last year I had a goal to finish my first Triathlon in under 2 hours, which I did at 1:40:13 as the official time. Now I got a time to beat… 

Swimming:11:29 (like to get it under 11 minutes)
Transition 1: 3:40 (think it took me too much time to get the damn wet-suit off, so plan to practice this to get it under 3 minutes…one thing to remember this year is after I swim to run to bike even though I am tried I need to hustle more)
Bike: 53:28 (I know I can get this time under, I didn’t factor in the wind and I went slower than I usually can so I could save my legs for the run, but after doing it I felt I could have gone faster)
Transition 2: 2:31 (I was pretty quick at this, but still think I could be a little faster ad getting the shoes changed.)
Run: 29:03 (I think now that I have gotten a time under 26 minutes I can get this down as well. My overall pace was kind of slow and I think the last miles I could have went balls to the wall and just finished. 

I think if I can shaved off the seconds to minutes I have above I would like to try and finish under 1:30:00. One thing I will consider is my bike placement, I will try to have my stuff on the outside for let fight with the crowd of getting my bike. Maybe have it closer to the swimming part since it took me longer to get to my bike last year.

I am ready for this year, have better and bigger goals to accomplish! 





Back to the GYM…The Bad…but also the Good!


So after the week off due to a knee/ankle injury I finally got the OK to get back to the gym. I walked (a fast pace) on the treadmill for about 17 minutes, then jumped on the recumbent bike for 10 minutes and then swam for another 10 minutes. The walk was good, I felt maybe I could run, but keeping it slow and will gradually get back into running 1-2-3 or more miles. The bike was good too, I think sometime this week I want to take my bike shoes and go in the cycling room when there isn’t a class to see how those bikes feel on the knee. The swim, although it didn’t hurt except for a minor pain in the ankle and knee every once in a while, sucked. I guess the week off hurt my swimming time, I only did 250 yards instead of 500-1000 yards. I feel I will need to step up my Cardio activity to help build endurance and not be out of breath quickly.  So that’s the Bad, but the Good is even though I was out a week with no exercising  and probably eating more than I should admit, I stayed the same at 198 pounds. So at least that was a boost in my motivation to keep going!

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